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NFL Lockout Lifted. Now What?

Judge Susan Nelson has ordered the lockout to be lifted. This hasn’t stopped the players from being locked out of their own team’s practice and training facility. Some of them anyway. Apparently the New York Giants let players come in and train. The Redskins and Browns couldn’t even get in the building. So the curious question is . . . What next?

Are coaches and GMs allowed to make moves? Do players still get to talk to coaches and trainers?

Well I know for one thing this is going to set back new coaches. Coaches who haven’t even met their players and haven’t had a chance to implement their systems are behind the 8-ball.

Another thing is that with the NFL draft coming up soon and general managers who are accustomed  to dealing players for picks are still at a loss as to what to do. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys who might do better to trade down will likely not do so. They could trade their picks for more lower picks I suppose but there are less teams that can offer that, than those who could give up a pick and a player.

Most importantly the players themselves aren’t entirely certain what to do with themselves. Raven’s safety Tom Zbikowski is boxing and looks like he wants to get some fights in before a CBA is in place. Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) tried out for a soccer team and of course Albert Haynesworth is dealing with sexual harassment charges after he decided it was a good idea to fondle the breasts of a waitress. Wether for good or bad the fact is that players are getting restless. Their futures are uncertain. These men who have been active their entire lives are now not sure when their next chance to do their jobs is going to be.

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