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Boxing Preview: Timoth Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

The last two men to beat Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao square off in a little over a week. Other than the one similarity of having beaten Manny, the two men couldn’t be any more different. Even the ways the beat Pac Man were different.

Timothy Bradley won in a controversial decision whereby any on lookers with eyes; full with functioning retinas, corneas and pupils, would agree that he lost. The judges, including now shamed judge C.J. Ross, saw differently. Presumably because they lack functioning retinas, corneas, pupils and other eye parts that people have.

Juan Manuel Marquez was also losing the “eye” test until he took matters into his own hands and knocked Pacquiao out. He hit Manny with a well timed counter punch that left the champion face first on the mat.

Apart from how they went about handing Manny L’s they have a myriad of other differences. Marquez is an aggressive counter puncher. Which is kind of rare. He is patient but when he sees an opening he cuts it loose and let’s his fists fly. He’s got a lot of power as well. Marquez has got a touch chin and if a fight ever degenerates into a brawl, which can happen, he’s not only capable of staying in the fight, you better believe he can win it. He’s the boxing equivalent of the Terminator, not matter what happens he just keeps on coming. He doesn’t even age. He’s 40 and some would argue he’s at the top of his game (and really needs your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle).

Timothy Bradley is another story entirely. For starter’s he’s 30 years old, a full decade younger than Marquez. He’s more of a technical fighter. He’s sharp and defensive, sort of like a poor man’s Floyd Mayweather (this is not an insult, I promise). He likes to be elusive defensively and then pick apart other fighters from afar. He’s more of a boxer than a puncher. This basically means that if the fight turns into a brawl Bradley’s in trouble. His last foray into brawling was not very successful as Bradley just escaped with a victory over Ruslan Provodnikov.  In one  round of the fight Bradley got caught on the chin and while he showed tremendous  will in staying on his feet, his was also bouncing off the ropes and rocking back and forth hilariously like a human punching dummy. If anything he survived that fight more than he won it. Still if Bradley stays in his game plan he’s a quality fighter that can be hard to beat. The fact that no one is sure what he’ll do makes him a complete wild card.

Bradley lands jab against Provodnikov (Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Ruslan+Provodnikov+Timothy+Bradley+v+Ruslan+tUEis5bQmIJl.jpg)


Marquez has the edge in this fight. Stylistically he’s more versatile than Bradley is, and he’s more durable. Bradley offers a threat if the fight stays slower and one man has to out box the other. If for any reason,  this fight picks up in pace Marquez wins it because of the different ways that he’s able fight, and his knockout power a department that Bradley lacks in. The fight could be entertaining Bradley decides to box. He’s very good at it. He decides to brawl though, it’s not going to be pretty.

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Is Boxing Dead?

I was watching the UFC on Fox last night when I had a thought. Why doesn’t boxing do something like this? I don’t mean ESPN Friday Night Fights. The fighters there are often times up and coming fighters showing promise. They aren’t the best and we all know it. No, I’m referring to an event where fans can watch quality fights and fighters on TV without having to shell out money on PPV. This is an opportunity for boxing to reconnect with it’s fans and gain new ones. I’m not a huge MMA fan but, I watched the UFC on Fox 2 fights and really enjoyed it. Last night Lyoto Machida had a stunning knock out victory that earned him a title shot and rematch against Jon “Bones” Jones (we’ll talk more about that later) and I didn’t have to pay a dime for it. Why can’t it be the same for boxing?

The fact of the matter is this boxing is a dinosaur. It’s not dead but if it doesn’t evolve soon it will be. It has been in a very clear decline for at least a decade, maybe more. The sport is broken on nearly every level. Every year there’s a scandal with some nonsense that tarnishes the reputation of the sport some more. Look no further the Timothy Bradley’s “victory” over Manny Pacquiao  to see this. Anybody with a pair of eyes could see that Pacquiao was winning that fight. He was more productive throwing and landing more punches than Bradley, and he was more dominant landing more power punches and making Bradley wobble at least 3 times. Even Bradley thought he lost the fight. Inexplicably the judges awarded the fight to Bradley. If this doesn’t change boxing will die.

The judges may be either stupid or corrupt. I have no proof and there is no way to really tell. However, we have know for years how corrupt boxing promoters can be. They don’t care about the fans, they barely care about the fighters but, they care about money. That’s why it’s okay for them if fighters get screwed. Pacquiao will get his rematch with Bradley and while both fighters will make quite a bit of money it stands to reason that Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, who promotes both fighters, stands to make the most money in this whole affair. Promoters are crooks and chief among them is Bob Arum. If Arum appealed to get the decision overturned it may have happened, Pacquiao and Bradley are both his fighters after all. Bob Arum wants to get paid so he never will.

Not only are promoters corrupt but the whole system of boxing doesn’t make any sense. As James Steadman points out here, there are too many weight classes but, there are also way too many belts. This causes the fans to feel like there is never a true champion. This lack of organization polarizes fans and turns away new fans. Another reason why having no singular body govern boxing is that there is no real attempt being made to grow the sport. All of these organizations rely and the die-hard fan while making no attempt to add more fans.

This disorganization hurts the sport on it’s most basic level. The fighters themselves. The boxers of today are not as good as they used to be. I’m not an old fogey grumbling for kids to get off of his lawn while brandishing a shotgun, I’m 22 years old for goodness sake. The truth is still the truth. You could make a case for Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and the Klitschko brothers. That’s it. Four fighters in the whole world are even truly worth mentioning and the casual fan knows them and nobody else, if even that. If there was more organization money could be put into amateur fighting. Growing the future of the sport. Especially in America. The sport was at it’s best when there were prominent American fighters. Where will they come from if they’re not trained?

There is no doubt that boxing is busted, broken in nearly aspect. There is a way to fix it though, one fail-proof solution that could change everything. Come back Wednesday when we’ll talk about how to save boxing.

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