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Too Much Stock In The Preseason?

There’s a saying that goes like this; “America has two favorite sports. Football, and waiting for football to come back.”

So it makes sense that in our football crazed society that as soon as we see anything that looks like professional football we go nuts. It’s easy to forget that; these games don’t have any meaning so far as score is concerned and there are a lot of mismatches. By mismatches I mean starters against second stringers, as well as the typical tradition that coaches have of saving their real schemes for the regular season.

While there are some indicators that we can take from the preseason, it is in no way itself, an indicator of  regular season success. It is important to not fall prey to this misconception after watching your favorite team lead a solid drive into the endzone. It is similarly important not to be chicken little and exclaim that the sky is falling based on exhibition matches.

For instance, the Jets whose offensive woes can simply number as many, cannot simply be written off for struggling in the preseason. The 20 snaps that starters get during the preseason is not nearly enough to determine how a team will perform during the flow of a game. It can’t tell us how good the Jets may be at bouncing back from rough starts. Both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are late game performers (in the case of Tebow, very late).

Another example of preseason overreaction is how we view rookies. The comparisons to Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck seemingly never end. If one of them looks like a rookie at any point, everyone gets worried. Both ESPN and the NFL network talk about both guys scoring their “first NFL touchdowns” as if that were a thing that could happen in the preseason. It can’t. These stats count for nothing. If we all recall Cam Newton had a preseason to forget last year but, took flight during the NFL season. Conversely, Ryan Leaf looked better than Peyton Manning in the preseason and one source even called Peyton Manning “ordinary.” We all know how those careers went.

What does a fan in the preseason look for? We don’t get the view that the coaches and players get when they watch film. Very true but there are things to really look for without firing up the hype machine.

Look for each players skills. By this I mean look for shiftiness in running backs and just general speed. Quarterbacks need to make reads and go through progressions. If you look at where the quarterback is looking you can see him go through his progressions as his head moves from one part of the field to another. Also look at ball location. How much time does the quarterback have to throw? Oppositely, check the pass rush and see where their strong points are.

Try not to look at the score so much. In the preseason it can be misleading and is rarely a good indicator of how the team is actually doing. At this point you’re just better off chilling out. The regular season is only ten days away.

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NFL Story Lines I’m Tired Of Already.

Football, America’s favorite sport is returning and with its return come a number of story lines. Each team has their own contributions to the great web of NFL stories. Due to the existence of 24 hour sports networks and the internet some stories tend to be over covered. A lot of times there isn’t anyway to know what will happen to the players involved so “coverage” becomes a lot of repetitive annoying questions and speculation. Here are some of the stories that have received so much coverage that they’ve become annoying.

Peyton Manning Is A Bronco. 

Peyton Manning proved his value to the NFL the year he didn’t wear a uniform. The Indianapolis Colts without Manning were easily the worst the worst thing to happen to football all year. Manning’s multiple neck surgeries, move to a new team, and association with anybody that ever met and/or talked to Tim Tebow makes him the subject of much speculation. While this is a very intriguing story its been being reported on for months. Furthermore, maddeningly enough ESPN spent the whole week at Broncos camp.

Commonly Asked Questions In This Story Line: How is Peyton’s neck? Can he take a hit? Are the Broncos Superbowl contenders? Will Manning be Better than Tebow?

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck. 

Griffin is surrounded by hype and hoopla wherever he goes. There’s no hope of escaping any of that. However, that fateful day in February when the Redskins moved up in the draft to take Griffin, has joined RG3 and Andrew Luck together at the hip for the rest of their careers. Quarterbacks drafted first and second in the draft always are. This story is tired and played out. It’s been covered since February. The two quarterbacks have been compared and scrutinized; by their numbers, by their big plays, and even by their catches. I say we just let the guys play and let history write itself.

Commonly Asked Questions In This Story Line: Who will be the better pro? Do the Redskins improve more or the Colts? Will Luck and Griffin have a Magic Johnson and Larry Bird style rivalry? Why is Andrew Luck not in a million commercials? Should we call RG3, Bob Griffin?

Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and the Jets and stuff.

Tim Tebow has the ability to make any thing he touches turn into a media circus. It’s not his fault really but it is bothersome. Now that Tim has brought the circus to New York two things have happened. The already high scrutiny on Mark Sanchez is now through the roof  and there’s an unofficial clock on how long he has his job. I think the silliest thing about wondering how long Sanchez will have his job is that he’d have to lose it to Tebow, who though a winner, is simply not a good quarterback. If Sanchez is inconsistent, Tebow has defined the word. Just in case you’re wondering, no I don’t think Mark will lose his job to Tim Tebow.

Commonly Asked Questions In This Story Line: Which week will Tebow take over the starting QB job from Sanchez? Is a two quarterback system effective? How often will Tebow be used in the wildcat? Tebow in the redzone? Is Rex Ryan out of his mind?

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