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Doc Rivers Kills Lob City (Inadvertently).

Okay, so Doc didn’t really kill Lob City, not that you could tell by the way Blake Griffin was talking about it. In an interview with Shelly Smith of ESPN he said,

Lob City doesn’t exist anymore. Lob City is done. We’re moving on and we’re going to find our identity during training camp and that will be our new city. No more Lob City.

The last time something this beloved was mercilessly killed off, FOX cancelled Firefly (sorry Browncoats). Blake Griffin sounded like he was in mourning. To be fair any time you have to kill your team’s identity and trade it for a new one over night, it’s never an easy task, but in this instance the Clippers are better for it.

That’s right. Better.

Lob City can’t completely die. Blake and DeAndre Jordan are too athletic to not throw lobs. Hell, for all his size, strength and athleticism it’s not like Jordan can do anything else. He has no post moves, no reliable interior shot and absolutely no desire to play defense. It’s this kind of attitude that gave the team formerly known as Lob City another moniker with it’s old nickname.


The one word every professional athlete tries to avoid being tagged with. Being soft means you’re weak willed and that you can be broken. Everyone thought Lob City was soft, Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin, believe the Clippers won’t be. In order to get to that point, they’ve decided to erase everything associated with their old identity. Doc Rivers teams play defense. They just do, and while that doesn’t guarantee that they won’t be abused by the Grizzlies some more, it does guarantee that they’ll put up a fight. That’s exactly what Doc Rivers wants.

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The Lakers Are Growing Old. Are They Growing Up?

The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves at a very interesting crossroads. Considering the age of the team, let’s call it a midlife crisis. After all, isn’t midlife crisis about realizing one’s mortality and diminished strength due to increased age? If mortality for the Lakers is defined by life after Kobe Bryant, then the term fits quite nicely.


Almost too well. Acquiring Dwight Howard in the misguided belief that he would stay in Los Angeles, is nothing short of the guy in his mid 50’s buying an expensive sports car in an attempt to recapture his youth. To be fair to the Lakers, Dwight took them farther than Andrew Bynum would have, by virtue of breathing air and being on the floor. But since when has a 7th seed and a first round exit ever been enough for Los Angeles?

I’m not very good at playing general manager but there is one truth about the Lakers. They need to face reality. They can’t win a title next year. They are not even close to being considered contenders. In fact, the Lakers would be fortunate to make the playoffs next year. They are instead engaged in the petty exercise of avoiding rebuilding. Which of course is ridiculous because all teams have to do it eventually. Yet with rumors that the great organization is eyeing Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony in 2014 one can’t help but think that they have learned nothing.

The Lakers should probably take the lumps that come with any amount of sustained success; and just suck for a little bit. I’m not saying tank per se but let nature take its course instead of constantly trying to drink from the fountain of youth by signing young stars in free agency. You think Carmelo is going to fix the Lakers? Nope. Not by himself anyway. Role players are going to be necessary to do anything of substance. Let’s not forget that Kobe Bryant, for all his wear and tear, has no intention of taking a pay cut. And that’s if Carmelo opts out next year at all.

For goodness sake’s just draft already! I mean if ever there was a year to build through the draft, 2014 would be it. For starters there’s next years draft prize Andrew Wiggins. If that doesn’t work out, there is Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon, either of the Harrison twins and Dante Exum. The list of potential  lottery picks goes on. There is a way to win this. A good team built from the ground up can have continued success, whereas going for the quick fix, a move the Lakers seem committed until the bitter end, will net them less. A lot less.

I’m not suggesting the Lakers tank. Nor do I suggest that they shouldn’t go after the big name free agents next season. What I am saying is that Mitch Kupchak trying to put together a “winning” team within the next two seasons is a mistake. At best it is fan service. Not unless you actually think the offseason additions of Jordan Farmar, Chris Kaman and Nick Young make the Lakers contenders. Because it doesn’t.

Whatever decision they make it needs to be the right one. It will affect the course of this organization for years to come.


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Angels of Death

To say the Los Angeles Angels have a vicious lineup would easily be one of the understatements of the year. Anchored by young phenoms Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo as well as perennial all-star Albert Pujols. It’s hard to say with the way these guys have been hitting as of late who is more impressive.

It’s probably Trout, who has been entirely over-shadowed by fellow rookie Bryce Harper, despite being better than Harper in every statistical category. Trout  is tied for the lead in the majors with 65 runs and he leads the league with 30 stolen bases. He also leads the American League with his .353 batting average. If Trout keeps up his high level of play he should be a lock for rookie of the year.

Maybe it’s Mark Trumbo who has 26 home runs this season, which is tied with Ryan Braun for the fourth most homers in the league. Trumbo’s fast hands and raw power make him a very scary hitter. He’s also got a knack for knocking in runs with 65 RBIs this season which ties him at fifth in the American League.

Pujols makes a good case for himself though. After starting the season with the slump to end all slumps, especially in the light of his very recent World Series performance and subsequent massive 10 year $254 million dollar deal, he seemed to not be able to hit. Fortunately for the Angels, Albert was able to shake out of the fog and is now not only making solid contact with the ball but, he’s hitting with power. His batting average has been on the rise up from .217 in April and .263 in May to batting .329 through the months of June and July.

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Not So Fast! Steve Nash won’t save the Lakers

On Independence Day the Phoenix Suns agreed to a 3 year/$27 million sign and trade deal that would send him to the Lakers in return for LA’s first and second round picks in 2013 , a second round pick in 2014, and a first rounder in 2015. The message is clear. The Lakers want to win now. Can they?

Nash is certainly the upgrade at the point guard position the Lakers have been seeking. He brings great passing ability, court vision, and consistent 3 point shooting. Even with all of this the Nash won’t make the Lakers championship contenders. Here’s 4 reasons why.

The previously mentioned passing ability and court vision on display.

4. Mike Brown is still the head coach. 

When Mike Brown became the head coach of the Lakers he found implementation of his offense . . . difficult. The Lakers, especially in the playoffs, were plagued by poor spacing and terrible shot selection as a byproduct of the aforementioned poor spacing. If a system is broken putting another player in it doesn’t make it better. If the Lakers still struggle with these issues next season, even Nash’s production could suffer.

3. The Lakers aren’t a running team and Nash is a running point guard. 

Steve Nash spent the majority of his career under Mike D’antoni a most widely know for his uptempo offensive system with emphasis on fast break scoring. The Lakers have been and still are a dominantly half court team. Kobe Bryant is aging, and Bynum and Gasol have never been fast (though Gasol runs the floor pretty well). Stylistically this isn’t a perfect match. There will definitely be growing pains as both Nash and his Laker teammates are acclimated to one another.

2. Steve Nash doesn’t play defense well.

Nash is for all intents and purposes a defensive liability. In a league full of young point guards with speed and quickness Nash, who is 38 years old right now will not only be a hindrance defensively, he’ll be worse defensively than he has ever been in his career. Nash’s size and (lack of) speed means that there aren’t a lot of other people he can guard well, if at all. On the plus side though, Nash is a pretty good help defender.

1. The Thunder still exist.

As long as this is still a fact I don’t see the Lakers getting to an NBA Finals with their current roster. The Thunder are a younger more solid team with experience. They have been playoff tested, they are supremely talented, and they are certainly more athletic than the Lakers. Gasol and Bynum are the keys to that possible match up and they don’t play transition defense well enough to slow up Oklahoma City. Nash can’t change that. It’s out of his control.

The Lakers need to believe that none of this matters because they mortgaged their future for a 38 year old point guard in the hopes that he makes them championship caliber. It’s a lot to ask of one player to do and that’s exactly why it won’t work.


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Daily Rain 5-18-12: Pacers Crush Heat, Chris Paul Stopped Again In San Antonio & Kings Keep Rolling

Dwayne Wade and the Heat Lay Get Stomped In Indianna

To say that the Miami Heat miss Chris Bosh would be like saying a construction worker misses his hammer or a singer misses her voice. It seems that important. Bosh apart from being the glue guy that makes many of Miami’s play work, is the closest thing that they have to a big man. This easy to notice in the difference in rebounds. Miami got their clock cleaned on the boards. They were outrebounded 52-36. An unencumbered Roy Hibbert contributed 18 rebounds alone.

George Hill played a great game with 20 points and 5 assists. He really stepped and easily played his best game of the series. While that was happening though, Dwayne  Wade scored just 5 points. Just 5. He was outscored by fellow teammate, non-superstar, and non-franchise player Mario Chalmers who scored 25 points. Wade and Spoelstra also had an argument in the huddle as the team unraveled. The Heat lost and for once the blame should be place no where near Lebron.

Wade was 2 of 13 from the field and seemed to be an offensive liability but, the Heat have no other options. Especially when fellow starters Dexter Pittman and Shane Battier combined for 0 points in total. They were 0 of 9 between the two of them.

Miami needs a more efficient way of scoring than 3 point shots of which they were 4 of 20 as a team. The Pacers out rebounded them and these bad shots are a part of the reason why.

San Antonio Wrote The Book On Basketball, Apparently.

If there is a kid that you know that wants to play basketball, make them watch the Spurs, specifically the Spurs in these playoffs. The Spurs play the game of basketball the right way. They move the ball to all the right places. They San Antonio plays, its just cool to watch because everything makes so much sense. Every shot they take is the result of an offense that has moved the Clippers out of place defensively that most of their shots are nearly uncontested.

With Tim Duncan looking like the 2007 version of himself the Spurs really do look unstoppable. Duncan had 18 points making 9 of 14 of his shots. Once Tim gets going it opens up things for Tony Parker who scored 22 points and the rest of the Spurs. Duncan was also a presence to be reckoned with defensively. He deterred many would be Clipper shots. He didn’t block any but just being there makes Los Angeles really think twice about going inside.

There’s been a lot of Blake Griffin hate lately. Not from me but it has been around. I like Blake as a player. I think he’s a better and more well rounded player than people give him credit for. He doesn’t have that many post moves or a consistent shot but, he is better on the low block than he’s given credit for and his mid range jumper, though not great, is a whole lot better than people give him credit for. Blake scored 20 points on 7 of 16 shooting and it wasn’t all just dunks. Offensively he played well. All of that being said though, Blake Griffin needs to rebound. His team needs him to. Griffin grabbed a single rebound. Just the one. This is nearly as shocking as Dwayne Wade’s 5 points. A big man must rebound. It should be a law. A guy with Blake’s size and jumping ability grabbing a single rebound in a playoff game is nothing short of a heinous sin. Especially when Chris Paul the team’s highest scorer is fighting multiple injuries. Having a few extra possessions could come in handy.

“All the King’s horses and all the King’s men kicked the Coyotes butts all over again.” — Barry Melrose

That about sums it up. In a game Phoenix had to win they didn’t. They weren’t able to stop the Kings in almost any capacity. The Kings out shot them 28-19. This is despite the fact that Los Angeles had more giveaways than Phoenix did.

If anyone still has doubts about how good Anze Kopitar is they should probably let go of them now. The guy is legit. At the beginning of the playoffs I didn’t know the guy from Adam but, in the postseason he’s really come on and is proving to be a threat that must be watched.

The eight seeded Kings are one game away from shattering expectations. I didn’t have them making it this far. The level of parity in the NHL is unreal. Even in the Playoffs its hard to know who can turn it on and compete and who can’t.

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Daily Rain 5-17-12: Celtics Destroy Sixers, Lakers Give Game 2 Away to Thunder & Devils Even Series

The Boston Celtics Amp Up the Defense and Embarrass The Philadelphia 76ers At Home

The Celtics trailed the 76ers by 5 points going into the 2nd quarter of this game but upon regaining the lead never trailed again. In fact, wether or not the Sixers would ever see the lead again was never in doubt as the Celtics rolled on to a 107-91 victory. There are two main differences between this game 3 and game 2.

The first difference is, that Paul Pierce was more aggressive and more productive. In game 2 Pierce scored 7 points while shooting an anemic 2 of 9 in that game. In game 3 Pierce started the game with two dunks. He would go on to score 24 points on 6 of 17 shooting. That’s the Paul Pierce the Celtics are going to need if they plan on winning this series or any future ones.

The second difference, is defense. Boston murdered Philadelphia on the defensive glass gathering 37 defensive boards. Also none of the Sixers starters scored over 20 points. In fact, none of them scored greater than 15 points. Philadelphia shooting guard Evan Turner was held in check as he scored just 4 points and made 1 of his 10 shot attempts.

The Sixers are not out of this series but will need to make some offensive adjustments to match the re-emergence of the Celtics defense.

 The Oklahoma City Thunder Erase A 7 Point Deficit In the Final Two Minutes to “Steal” A Game At Home.

In the first quarter of game 1 of this series it became apparent that the Lakers had a distinct size advantage inside over the Thunder. When the Lakers wandered away from what many perceive to be their game plan, pounding the ball down low, they spiraled out of control allowing the Thunder to run and hit shoot  often uncontested jump shots. In game 2 the Lakers stick to the game plan and control much of the game thanks to the dominating play of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. So L.A. wins right?

Not so fast amigo. A series of gaffes nearing the end of the game caused Los Angeles to surrender a 7 point lead in the final two minutes of the game. First Kevin Durant stole an inbound pass from Kobe Bryant and slammed home an easy 2 points. Then James Harden was allowed to go coast to coast for an easy lay up that brought the Thunder within 1 point. Kevin Durant hit the floater on the baseline that would give the Thunder a 1 point lead. The Lakers last possession was a flare for Kobe Bryant but Metta World Peace caught Russell Westbrook sleeping on the inbound pass and hit a wide open Steve Blake. Blake however would not hit the wide open 3 point shot and the Lakers lose by 1 point.

Steve Blake had a few options. He could have made the shot, he could have used the fact that Westbrook had to jump to recover to defend him and pump faked and then drove to the basket for a better look, or he could have passed it to Bynum who had emerged on the low block. He had 5 seconds. That’s more than enough time. Despite all of this to blame the loss on Steve Blake would be asinine.  The Lakers attempted 77 shots before that last one and if they had made more than 30 of those this game may not even have been close. If anyone is to blame it should be Kobe. He shot a an inefficient 9 of 25 from the field and hit none of the 6 3-pointers he attempted. None. Steve Blake played a hand in the loss but Kobe’s impact was certainly bigger.

New Jersey Devils Even The Series Against the New York Rangers

When the Devils took the ice in game 1 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals they got run over. Plain and simple. They didn’t look ready and the Rangers looked very ready. New Jersey did a great job of bouncing back in game 2. They were able to do something few teams this season have. Fool Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, arguably the league’s best at his position. This did so with a number of redirected shots including David Clarkson’s go ahead shot in the 3rd period. Clarkson has proved once again in the playoffs that he can be relied upon for clutch plays.

Speaking of clutch plays, Devils goalie Martin Brodeur made an amazing save. As Rangers right wing Marian Gaborik attacked the goal he tried to flip a shot over Brodeur who had fallen over. Brodeur raised his right leg up, as he was on his stomach, and kicked the puck away saving a goal. I gush about Henrik Lundqvist being the best in the league but it’s plays like those that remind us why the 40 year old Brodeur is a legend and one of the best to play the game. Ever.

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Daily Rain 5-15-12: Lakers rocked by Thunder, LA Dodgers Lose Matt Kemp are they in trouble?

The Oklahoma City Thunder Destroy The Los Angeles Lakers

The Thunder shot an other-worldly  53% from the field on a night that would see them rout the Lakers 119-90. The Thunder great shooting night came on multiple pick and roll plays that the Lakers seemed unable to defend. All players for the Thunder have ability to knock down jumpers including their big men. They had many open shots created the dribble penetration Russell Westbrook

Serge Ibaka was a help defender that was also able to recover and hassle Pau Gasol. The Lakers stopped going to Bynum and Gasol in the mid-second quarter. The Lakers opted to trust their guard play over their size advantage down low. The first quarter was the only competitive quarter of the game and that was the quarter in which Bynum and Gasol were most involved.

The Sixers Edge Out the Celtics

In Philadelphia’s 82-81 victory over Boston the main discussion seems to be wether or not Kevin Garnett’s screen at the end of the game was really a foul. I think it was and I think it should have been called. He stuck his elbow out and stepped into the screen.

You be the judge.

However, anytime a team leaves a game in jeopardy, especially to the point where one call can mean the decision between victory or defeat, they deserve the result they get. The Celtics did and they deserved that loss. Paul Pierce scored 7 points. Igoudala played great defense Pierce is an NBA star and 7 points on 2 of 9 shooting is not near good enough to beat the Philadelphia 76ers consistently.

The Dodgers Lose Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp has been placed on 15 day DL because of a hamstring injury. Is it possible for the Dodgers to keep rolling without him. Kemp is the best player in the National League. He has 29 runs and 12 homers as well as a batting average of .726, so there’s no doubt that his offensive production is going to be missed. With that said I don’t think the Dodgers are in trouble. Andre Ethier may be able to hold down the fort offensively, he’s batting .361 with 8 runs so far this season. He doesn’t have to be Kemp he just has to continue to produce.

The Dodgers have a capable pitching rotation. Clayton Kershaw is one of the best in the game and Chad Billingsley is a winner as well.


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Daily Rain 5-13-12: A Tale of Two Game 7’s; Lakers and Rangers Advance

Rangers Top Caps Conclude Thrilling Seven Game Series

The Washington Capitals started the first period on the wrong foot. The Rangers scored their first goal 92 seconds into regulation and never looked back. This is due in large part to Henrik Lundqvist. He’s the best goalie in the league in my opinion and when he’s handed  a lead you can pretty much bet the farm that he’ll hold it. Nobody else in the league does it better. The Capitals were unable to get anything going really. They looked a little underprepared but the credit goes to New York’s defense.

Next up for the Rangers is the New Jersey Devils in the eastern conference finals.

The Lakers Defeat the Nuggets In Their Seven Game Series

The Los Angeles started game 7 with an intensity and effort that was 180 degrees in difference from the effort they started with in game 6. While some of this can be credited to the return of Ron Art . . . er . . . Metta World Peace, who brought extra defense and outside shooting, the Lakers seemed to just need their backs against a wall. Pau Gasol who had played softer than Charmin all playoffs like finally attacked the rim in a fashion not unlike his much tougher younger brother. There was a play when Pau seemingly rebounded the ball a billion times against the much smaller Denver Nugget front court.

The contributions of umm . . . Metta World Peace are not to be overlooked. He was very much able to control Danilo Gallinari. Gallo was unable to do anything against him and as a result he hit only 1 of 9 shots from the field, one open three point shot.

Next up for the Lakers is the Oklahoma City Thunder. A much more talented team than the Nuggets with nearly equal depth. I don’t believe the Lakers win that series. I’ve got Oklahoma City in 6 games.

Manchester City Wins The English Premier League In Unnecessarily Dramatic Fashion

Manchester City topped the Queens Park Rangers and won the English Premier League title for the first time in 44 years. Queens Park unexpectedly took the lead in the second half and then held their own for the rest of the game. They even did so a man down, no thanks to the buffoonery of Joey Barton who acquired a red card in what seemed a one man campaign to sink his team and his career when he kicked Manchester City’s Kun Aguero in the back of the leg.

Manchester City responded with two goals in stoppage time with an effort nothing short of incredible. The thing is, Manchester City wouldn’t have needed any of that if they had just taken care of business earlier in the game. They allowed a team that they were, at least on paper, better than to dominate the game and to do so with 10 men on the field. Manchester City’s lack of aggression and sense of urgency in the waning seconds of the game nearly did them in. Still, it was both a solid victory for Man. City and a very entertaining game.

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Daily Rain 5-10-12

New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals Proves That NHL Is  More Exciting Than The NBA (in the postseason anyway).

As a fan of the Capitals I’m glad that they were able to force a game seven of this second round series. More importantly, I’d like to take this time to say that the NHL playoffs are better than the NBA playoffs.

The NHL is less predictable. In the NBA there are about four contenders for the title and we’ve known who they were about halfway through the season. Barring injuries, we know who will win in the NBA playoffs. In the NHL the eighth seeded Los Angeles Kings were able to beat the first seeded Vancouver Canucks and the second seed in the St. Louis Blues. The NBA may give us some great games but we know who is in and who is out most of the time. The first round of the NBA playoffs have been awful.

There are too many teams in the mix that have no chance of winning a title. Lebron can praise the strengths of the Pacers until he’s blue in the face. He knows the Heat are winning that series, I know it, and the Pacers are going to know it too soon enough.

In Hockey it really feels like anything can happen.

What’s Next For The Knicks?

The New York Knicks were run over by the Miami Heat. With the exception of game 4 in this series where Carmelo scored 41 points, the Knicks looked like anything but a playoff team. They were outclassed, pounded, and they seem to have very few options offensively outside of Carmelo. Coach Mike Woodson did a good job with what he had but, what he had wasn’t much.

The Knicks should consider moving Amar’e to add pieces around Melo. Stoudemire has a lot of mileage on him and he doesn’t seem to ever be healthy enough to be a viable number two option for that offense. Tyson Chandler doesn’t score consistently and J.R. Smith plays well but he is not dominant.

I know I’m piling on and it’s been said before but, Carmelo Anthony needs to show up next season in shape. He needs to add strength and stamina. Mostly stamina since, the thing that suffers the most when he’s tired is his defense and he wasn’t really great at that already.

The Clippers Are In Trouble. Big Trouble.

Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph started game 5 of the series like men on a mission. The two men had been successfully tamed for the greater part of this series however, they started last night’s game rebounding and attacking the bucket early. This lead to a big first quarter lead that proved to be the difference maker in the game. When Gasol and Randolph play their best basketball they’re a hard to team to beat and the Clippers are too soft inside to actually stop them.

Adding to the Clippers woes, Blake Griffin hyperextended his knee and Chris Paul re-agitated a groin injury. While Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro assured everyone that his two stars would be okay it seems that injuries, especially those two injuries would have some kind of effect. If Griffin can still jump the Clippers can still use him but Chris Paul cannot afford to be hampered. Especially since the speed of Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley has proven troublesome for the Clippers defense.

I think this series goes seven games.

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Friday Fast Forward: A Look into the weekend of sports. (Baseball,Boxing, and UFC)

I’ve gotta try something new here. Lots of things happen every weekend and it seems like I don’t get to touch on all of them. This weekend is particularly busy. The MLB is going to have it’s Independence Day weekend of baseball, David Haye is going to fight VVladimir Klitschko, and Urijah Faber takes on Dominick Cruz in the main card of UFC 132.

A Look At The Weekend in Baseball.

An interesting pitching duel is going down this weekend when the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the their rivals the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the first game of that series. Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw against Angels ace Jered Weaver. The Dodgers aren’t exactly having a season to remember, but this is rivalry worth watching. Whenever pitchers of this level get together I find it pretty difficult to miss.

The Yankees won the first game of the Subway series against their rivals the Mets on Friday, but this series is far from over. The Yankees are a scoring machine, but the Mets have been playing extremely well as of late. The Mets have won 6 of their last 8 games. Jason Bay has been on a tear and Jose Reyes continues to be a beast. The Yankees will look to score a lot runs as they boast the most potent offense in the major leagues with a league high 5.33 runs per game this season.

The Cleveland Indians would like to win another game against the Cincinnati Reds to prove that they’re not falling back to earth. They’ve lost 4 out of their last 7 games but have won back to back games as of late. Offensively the Indians have been able to rely on DH Travis Hafner who has been hitting .336 on the season. The Reds can match that fire power of course with their very own Joey Votto. This series will be pretty interesting in how it plays out.

In Boxing

Heavyweight fighters David Haye and VVladimir Klitschko go into the ring Saturday night in Hamburg, Germany on HBO. Right now the once proud heavyweight division of boxing is in shambles. There’s no parity in it. There’s nobody who can capture enough interest and have the ability to take out either of the Klitschko’s. David Haye has other plans. He feels that he’s got the skill set psychologically and physically to take VVladimir down. I sure hope so because if Haye were to win, it would be good for boxing. VVladimir is of course a tough opponent. He’s bigger than Haye, he’s got a longer reach, and he’s more experienced. I think this fight will certainly end in a knockout for someone. David Haye is the underdog, but he’s more athletic and faster than Klitschko is. Furthermore if Haye can keep the fight close he gives himself a chance to use his own strength to land some clean shots on VVladimir. This is going to be one of the more exciting heavyweight fights in a long time, especially since all the excitement tends to be in the welterweight, middleweight, and super middleweight divisions.

UFC 132

Also on Saturday night is another fight taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the bantamweight title on the line Urijah Faber will take on Dominick Cruz to become the division’s champ. This is Cruz’s UFC debut, he last fought in December in the WEC. Faber and Cruz don’t particularly like one another as they look to add another chapter to this rivalry.

Wanderlei Silva takes on Chris Leben as the second fight on the card. Silva and Leben are guaranteed to give us a great show. These two men want to knock each other out. They’re strong and each has an extremely good chin, but Silva looks terrifying right now. He’s in extremely good shape and his power looks the same as it ever was.


It’s not a sporting event per se but, I’ll also be keeping an eye on the first weekend of the NBA lockout. Wether or not there will be any decertification of the NBAPA and if the players are willing to go along that route.

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