About Me and this blog.

My name’s Keon. I think many sports fans agree; sports are serious business. I think when fans want sports opinions they don’t want nonsense. They don’t want comparisons of fictional quarterbacks or ridiculous movie tie-ins. People get tired of that sugar coated nonsense. I want to bring you sports opinions about actual sports all the time. No gimmicks. No stupidity. I don’t want to do it alone either. Send me a message on twitter or email me at thesportscloud@gmail.com. We can talk and you can get your sports fix.

I’m a journalism student and die-hard sports fan. I tend to be a fan of any and all thing Washington D.C., but having watched my first baseball games in New York, I love the Yankees as well (though I realize that most of Yankees fans tend to be bandwagoning and insufferable). I’m also fond of the Houston Astros even though that tends to be a painful experience more often than not.  I’ve got opinions like everybody else. I’ll be wrong and I’ll be right, but I’ll try to be fun most of all.


One thought on “About Me and this blog.

  1. Courtney says:

    This is so cool keon !!! Keep up the good work!

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