A Look at the MLB’s One Game Playoff

“I think it’s stupid, to be honest with you, But Major Lague Baseball wants a bunch of teams in the playoffs. There’s nothing like cut-throat baseball for the fans. And people love that 163rd regular-season game. They’ve loved it in the past. I’m sure that’s probably what’s promoted a second wild-card team. I wish they would’ve done it a year earlier so we would have had a chance last year. but it is what it is.” -Chipper Jones

Love it or hate it, the Major League Baseball’s one game wild card round in the playoffs is here to say. Even if you agree with Chipper Jones, and think it’s stupid.

Chipper Jones opinion on this matter is particularly relevant because his Atlanta Braves will most likely be in that playoff game. Ironically this game could be against the St. Louis Cardinals, the team that slid into the playoffs last season while the Braves imploded and missed the playoffs entirely. Chipper acknowledged this as well.

“I wish they would’ve done it a year earlier so we would have had a chance last year. But it is what it is.” Jones said.

Chipper Jones is far from the only player and manager who disagrees with the one game playoff.

However, as a fan of the game, I think there’s a lot to love. While this does feel like an attempt on the part of the MLB to expand the playoffs in an attempt to gain more revenue, there is also a lot of good that can come from this.

It makes the last games of the season a bit more meaningful. This is basic math. An extra playoff spot means that more teams are in contention. This of course means that their games near the end of the season have more value as they attempt to grab that last spot.

Another thing this does is add that 163rd game that everybody loves. I understand that part of the 163rd game’s novelty is that it doesn’t happen very often but, the wild card is a very meaningful game. This creates an air of appointment television. This will be the only game that is not a game seven, that is actually like a game seven.

I think the wild card game is a way to add meaning to the regular season and start October off with a bang with an elimination game. If you don’t want to be in the elimination game, you do have the other 162 games of the regular season to avoid it.

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