Chris Cooley’s Release Marks A New Era In Washington.

This may not be major news for a lot of fans but, I’m a Redskins fan and it rocked my world today.One of my favorite players, Chris Cooley was released from the Redskins today.

Chris Cooley, despite spending his entire career during one of the least productive eras in Redskins history, is a class act. He always has been. He didn’t have to put up with the nonsense and dysfunction but, he did. Chris Cooley is one of the only players I’ve ever seen who was a fan of the team he played for, not because he himself was on the team. That meant something to fans. He hated the Cowboys just like the rest of us fans.

Many Washington fans, myself included, saw the writing on the wall. Chris Cooley wasn’t able to stay healthy while the Shanahans were in charge but, if there was ever a player who exemplified what it was to be a Redskin it was Cooley. Chris is one of those players who is reliable to a point. As Mike Wise wrote in the Washington Post today, “Chris Cooley: The Redskin you could count on when you couldn’t count on the Redskins.” Nothing could be truer.

Washington has seen it’s fair share of coaches and quarterbacks and guys like Cooley were the constant. The leader in the locker room that bridged together the different regimes. He was supposed to be here for RGIII.

For Redskins fans Chris Cooley was a joy to root for. He gives 100% on every play and never quits. You can’t replace that easily. When Chris Cooley got choked up at his press conference today, I did too. Many of my most positive memories of being a Redskins fan involve Chris Cooley.

So here’s to Captain Chaos. I wish him well wherever he ends up next. I’ll always be a Cooley fan.

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