Felix Hernandez, Perfection and The Golden Era of Pitching

Felix Hernandez celebrates on the mound after pitching his perfect game.

Felix Hernandez became the first Seattle Mariner to pitch a perfect game, yesterday. He’s pitched the third perfect game this season and the second perfect game in his own building. If you could have gone to that game and didn’t go, shame on you, going to watch baseball is fun and doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Felix Hernandez put on a clinic yesterday. His breaking ball had some real movement. I didn’t catch the whole game but, from what I saw it was pretty evident. Nobody was hitting King Felix yesterday.

While this is a testament to how talented Hernandez is, it means a whole lot more than one pitcher. Enjoy what you’re looking at now. This is the golden era of pitching in baseball.

This is literally the best it has ever been.

Felix Hernandez’s perfect game is the twenty-third in the history of the game. It’s the eleventh since 1991 and the sixth since 2009. As mentioned before, it’s the third this season. Earlier this season the Cubs Philip Humber pitched a perfect game against Felix’s Mariners and the Giants Matt Cain pitched a perfect game against the Astros. It’s always hard to define an era while it’s happening but, do this one thing.

Pay attention.

Pitching a perfect game is one of the most difficult things to do in all of sports. Even people who don’t enjoy baseball can’t help but be awed by the accomplishment. One day we might tell our kids about what we saw.

Maybe pitching a perfect game becomes common place in the future. If this is the case then we’re seeing something special. We’re seeing the beginning of a trend that started here (though I hope not).

Maybe though, hitters rise again and it’s years before we see another perfect game. Then we lived through a truly unprecedented time in sports history. That’s the best part about being a sports fan. Any given day or night sports history could happen right before your eyes. I’m paying attention.

Are you?

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