Don’t Worry, He’s In A Better Place

Like a deck of cards, the league has shuffled itself around. Old faces(and some, really not that old) find themselves in new places, either out of desire of necessity. Every now and then a person is able to improve their lot in life. Somehow they find a way to get to a better team or situation than the one they were previously in.

Tim Tebow

Why is Tim on this list? Didn’t he rattle off a string of victories in Denver, gain a huge following, start an internet phenomenon, and win a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers? Yes to all of the above. Tebow was in what seemed to be in a pretty good situation in Denver however, a closer look show that all is not what it seemed. John Elway didn’t like Tim Tebow’s play style. He, like many others(myself included), didn’t think that the Broncos could consistently win that way. He certainly didn’t believe Tebow could get them to a Superbowl. In short, Tebow Time, ran out in Denver.

How is New York better for Tim? Isn’t Boomer Esiason already calling for Tebow to be cut? It’s already better for Tebow. His biggest critic is a harmless radio host and not vice president of football operations. Furthermore, Tebow is on a team where he doesn’t get all of the scrutiny. Incumbent starting quarterback Mark Sanchez will be taking the bulk of the criticism. Tebow has more jobs on the team but he’ll do the things he’s more suited for. Throwing the football is not one of those things.

Chad Johnson, formerly Ochocinco

Chad Johnson has finally changed the bad idea that is his last name but, that’s not all he’s changed. He’s changed teams. The one time New England Patriot is now a Miami Dolphin. This is not a better team by any means but, this a much better situation for Johnson. Last season with the Patriots Chad had 15 receptions and 1 touchdown, all season long. That’s awful but, there is a reason for this. Tom Brady. Tom Terrific as he’s been called is a perfectionist. He wants his receivers to run their routes to perfection. When he makes his reads he wants them to be where they’re supposed to be. If they’re not he simply doesn’t throw them the football. At all. Ever. Carson Palmer has complained in Cincinnati about Chad’s propensity for improvising on his route running. That relationship was never going to work. It just wasn’t.

How Chad Johnson’s plight has improved after arriving in South Beach is infinitesimal. He’s the clear number one receiver without a doubt. The quarterback who will be throwing him the ball will be on their first year with the team whether, it’s rookie Ryan Tannehill, David Garrard, or Matt Moore. Chad Johnson can be the safety blanket that they rely on. If a play breaks apart I have no doubts that passes will be forced to Johnson. He’ll be targeted enough in Miami to be extremely productive.

Randy Moss

Randy Moss does as he pleases. That’s how he’s played his career. He plays when he wants and doesn’t play when it suits his fancy. His last season was the weirdest of all. He started with the Patriots where his constant violation of the “Patriot Way” got him shipped to Minnesota where he started his career. Randy wasn’t a Viking long enough to make his #84 jersey relevant again before he was waived by the Vikings. The Tennessee Titans picked him up off of waivers and Moss “played” for a couple of weeks before he ended the tumultuous season with retirement.

Randy has returned no doubt in a much better situation than he was in. His team is much better than two of the last three teams he was on last season. He’s on a team that will throw him the ball because he’ll create space along with tight end Vernon Davis. The 49ers primarily run the ball so Randy will have practically no pressure to win games. San Francisco was a game away from the Superbowl and could be contenders for the title this year.

Terrell Owens

Owens didn’t play on a team last year, so any team he plays for will be an improvement. Owens needs money. He says he has nothing left after having to pay loads of child support to his three ex-wives. Owens was playing arena football before he was given the boot from the Allen Wranglers, a team he was part owner of. The proverbial straw that broke the camels back was when T.O. didn’t go to a scheduled visit to a children’s hospital with the team.

Terrell Owens is a Seattle Seahawk because nobody else would take him. He has a reputation as a team killer and it’s not one that isn’t just. However, Seattle needs receivers badly. They need a number on guy especially after the disappointing season that wideout Sidney Rice had. Rice played 9 games had 32 receptions, 484 yards and 2 touchdowns. Owens after running a reported 4.5 second 40 yard dash is a lock for the number one receiver spot. Matt Flynn throws the deep ball well and things could work out in Seattle. They better though because this could be the last chance anyone gives T.O. ever again.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, He’s In A Better Place

  1. While I did feel for Owens not being on an NFL team last season, it goes to show that actions from the past directly affect what happens in the future.

    • Keon R. says:

      Hopefully other players learn from Owens. It literally pays to treat people right. He’s still a great player, even at 38 years old, so we’ll see if he can turn it around.

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