The Dragon is Back

The UFC on Fox 4 event Saturday night not only pitted Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida against his opponent Ryan Bader but, it also set him against fellow light heavyweight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. The more impressive winner of their respective fights would have a title shot against the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson fight in Las Vegas at UFC 151. Jon Jones, who has essentially cleared out the division, is the odds on favorite in this match up. Machida kept Ryan Bader at bay dominating the first round. In the second round he threw a vicious counter punch that knocked Ryan out, ending his night.

If we assume that Jones beats Henderson. He will have to face Machida. Lyoto Machida is the only fighter to beat Jon Jones in a round. It was a moot point because in the next round Jon Jones choked Lyoto out and took the light heavyweight belt from him. Machida now has an opportunity to take his title back. When Jones beat him many wrote him off as an afterthought but, he’s worked his way back up the ladder and has his sights set on what was once his.

Jon Jones is looking to dominate the light heavyweight division the Anderson Silva has dominated the middleweight class. It becomes a little more confusing if Jones is able to win. Who would he fight next? As I mentioned before he has cleared out the division. He’s beaten all of the highly touted contenders for the belt. However, if Machida could beat Jones, things could get very interesting in the light heavyweight division.

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