Open Letter to NBC: Stop Bungling The Olympics

Dear NBC,

For a company that has been around since 1926 you all sure don’t know anything about television. For those of you wondering this isn’t at all about NBC’s failure to find entertaining programming of any kind (except 30 Rock, that show is hilarious). No this isn’t even about how the big brains of the network are hell bent on canceling good shows that they do have. This is about Olympic coverage and how it simply hasn’t been good.

The first thing about NBCs Olympic coverage that didn’t work was the opening ceremony. Aired on NBC as though it were a live event. We know it’s not live NBC. You don’t have to pretend. We just want to see the pageantry not hear Matt Lauer’s inane drivel the whole time. Seriously. Lauer shut up. He talked over the whole thing and it wasn’t even necessary. It was just annoying.

The second complaint actually doesn’t have anything to do with NBC completely. They interviewed random people about the Queen’s entrance in the opening ceremony and among the random people they interviewed, boxing legend Evander Holyfield. The depressing thing about this of course is that they didn’t recognize Evander. At all. This is an NBC fail but also it signifies something much more depressing. Boxing is a dying sport, if it’s not dead already and trust me, we are all worse off for that.

Thirdly, NBC and this is where you really blow hard. Your promo for the interview with Missy Franklin on the Today show about how she won gold on the 100M backstroke aired before the race itself aired. Directly before it aired. Maybe that’s laziness, poor planning, someone who fell asleep on the job, or all of the above but you know what else it was? Stupid. I like the suspense of watching live sports events but since you decided to air pre-recorded events NBC, the least you could do is let me pretend it’s live. I hide the results from myself the least you could do is not spoil the whole thing for me.

The Olympic events themselves haven’t been failures. The Women’s Olympic team had a dominant performance. Michael Phelps became the greatest Olympian of all time when he got his 19th gold medal in the relay. Ye Shiwen the Chinese swimmer has been dominating and that’s been very impressive to watch. France and Argentina had a fantastic basketball game and Team USA is steamrolling everything in it’s path. The Olympics have been good, with no thanks to NBC, because despite what would seem to be the network’s mission to sabotage the games. The athletes continue to rise to the occasion putting on brilliant performances time after time. That is what the Olympic Games are truly about.

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