MLB Contenders Reach For Stars As Trade Deadline Passes

The Major League Baseball trade deadline came and went, ending at 4:00pm E.T. At the trade deadline the Phillies, Marlins, and Cubs became major sellers and the Rangers, Reds, and Dodgers became buyers. Many teams were able to meet their needs.

The Texas Rangers

What They Needed: Pitching.

What They Got: The Rangers came away from the trade deadline feeling they addressed their area of need and then some. In a trade with the Cubs they acquired Ryan Dempster the right-handed pitcher for a couple of prospects. Dempster bolsters a Rangers rotation that contains the likes of Yu Darvish and Derek Holland. Dempster was a key piece for the Cubs to move. Originally Atlanta had some interest in him but Dempster didn’t really like Atlanta. The deal with the Rangers seems to mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

On top of getting Ryan Dempster from the Cubs, the Rangers also got catcher Geovany Soto from Chicago. Soto adds depth to the catcher position and it provides insurance for Mike Napoli should he decide to leave Texas at the end of this season through free agency.

The San Francisco Giants

What They Needed: Hitting/Outfield

What They Got: The Giants got what they wanted. Sort of. They got Hunter Pence from the Phillies. Pence has been a very solid ball player. He’s been hitting the ball okay batting .271 on the season. As it was pointed out on the ESPN Baseball Today podcast, Pence will be playing right field in AT&T park, one of the bigger right fields in the league. Playing in a ballpark of that size a lot of balls are going to be hit over Hunter’s head. His numbers on play like those have been awful. I don’t know that Giants really got what they needed. Pence’s numbers have been on the decline since 2010 and he’s now in a ballpark that doesn’t quite suit him.

The Los Angeles Dodgers

What They Needed: Pitching, Hitting

What They Got: To add to Hanley Ramirez, the Dodgers were able to get Shane Victorino who is batting .261 this season adds yet another bat to what is a much more powerful Dodgers lineup than it was just a couple of weeks ago. Los Angeles also got Brandon League to be a reliever and closer if it’s necessary. League had 37 saves last season and Los Angeles is hoping he can do it again. It’s pretty obvious that the Dodgers are building a team that they believe can beat the Giants.

The Cincinnati Reds

 What They Needed: Hitting

What They Got: The Reds are a very good baseball team already. They’ve got a solid rotation and bullpen. They can hit well and when Joey Votto comes back they’ll hit even better. What could they possibly want? Jonathan Broxton. After having a 2.27 ERA with Kansas City he will solidify a bullpen in Cincinnati that is already one of the best in baseball.

The most perplexing thing about this pickup is that the top of the batting lineup could use some serious help but it remained unaddressed. Increasing an area of strength while ignoring an area of particular need just seems silly. Jonathan Broxton is a good pick up all the same.

These are just some teams that reached out for stars at the deadline. The Dodgers and the Rangers got what they really needed. The Reds and Giants? Not so much.

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