Golden State Warriors Offseason Moves Make Them Playoff Contenders.

It may have been easy to miss what the Golden State Warriors are building. It may have been easy to miss the Warriors fortifying their bench by acquiring, Jarrett Jack, drafting Draymond Green, and re-signing Brandon Rush. You may have even missed the drafting of Harrison Barnes and the signing of rookie free agent Kent Bazemore. The one thing you shouldn’t miss is the big picture.


The big picture is this, the Warriors have put together a solid team. When you add to all the offseason acquisitions to an already solid base that includes Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut, Richard Jefferson, and Klay Thompson.

The Warriors have had trouble staying healthy in the past. Especially Bogut and Curry who both battled more than their fair share of injuries last season. That’s another reason why this offseason was good for Golden State. They now have the depth to sustain injuries with quality backups at every position. When they lost Curry last season they didn’t really have a person to go to. Nate Robinson, now with the Bulls, was to erratic and unreliable.

If Andrew Bogut can stay healthy and Draymond Green provides production inside the paint that could open up Curry and Thompson to shoot three-pointers from long range. This is crucial for Thompson because he is a very good shooter and he didn’t exactly show a propensity for getting to the basket. Kent Bazemore of Old Dominion University averaged 15.4 points and 6.1 rebounds per game. He’s adds depth to the shooting guard and small forward positions.

At worst Golden State is a very deep playoff team at their best they could do some damage in the west and even put themselves in position to take another huge step next offseason.

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