The value of the word Superbowl is decreasing everyday.

The National Football League has been around for a long time, since 1920 to be specific. In all that time there hasn’t been a single team that ever won a Superbowl in August. Yet, with all of this talk of dynasties and “One hundred percent, sterling silver victory,” one would think that it were possible. Here’s the rundown of premature Superbowl predictions  from this current offseason:

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (not Superbowl talk so much as dynasty talk), Panthers center Ryan Kalil’s Superbowl ad as seen above, Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith, and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis believes the 49ers should be strong Superbowl favorites.

This isn’t kids soccer. This is the NFL and similarly to Highlander; There Can Only Be One. I’m not saying guys can’t be confident but, there’s a difference between confidence and pettiness. I think all of the above mentioned guys are being petty. They’re predicting a Superbowl because they  want a Superbowl, not because they will win one. It’s August. Nobody can know any of that right now, no matter how confident you are. Injuries can happen, suspensions can happen, and so on.

The most popular Superbowl prediction of all time is Joe Namath’s but, Joe was in a Superbowl when he made the prediction! The only team that should be allowed to make Superbowl predictions are the defending champion New York Giants. Everyone else should put up or shut up.

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