How good of a fit is Hanley Ramirez anyway?

If anything the Los Angeles Dodgers have been resilient. They have managed hold a 53-47 record thus far despite the losses of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp. The Dodgers acquired 3rd baseman Hanley Ramirez in a trade from the Florida Marlins. Is it a good fit?

Hanley has a reputation that’s not exactly admirable. He’s not the most stable element in any locker room, his batting is down from when he was in his prime (which wasn’t all that long), and he’s a barely passable excuse of a 3rd baseman. In the two games that Ramirez  has been a Dodger he has hit the ball well with 3 hits in 6 at bats. His fielding however is . . . let’s just say he’s still Hanley. In Hanley’s first game in blue almost had an error but it was covered by the quick thinking of short stop Luis Cruz, saving Ramirez’s ass.

Ramirez has an opportunity to provide the Dodgers with crucial offense and a chance to rejuvenate his career. I don’t think there is any debate that Hanley Ramirez had a lot of potential once upon a time and isn’t the player he could have been. For the Dodgers who have managed to be surprisingly strong all season long Ramirez gives them a good case to be in the playoffs, which in turn would give them a shot at winning a title. That’s if Hanley can keep himself together to do any of this. He’s only been batting .251 this season.

To Hanley’s credit the Dodgers play in a smaller park than the Marlins, albeit not that much smaller. Still Ramirez did tell ESPN that it would make him feel more loose at the plate. If this proves true Los Angeles might be a great home for Hanley after all.

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