Angels of Death

To say the Los Angeles Angels have a vicious lineup would easily be one of the understatements of the year. Anchored by young phenoms Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo as well as perennial all-star Albert Pujols. It’s hard to say with the way these guys have been hitting as of late who is more impressive.

It’s probably Trout, who has been entirely over-shadowed by fellow rookie Bryce Harper, despite being better than Harper in every statistical category. Trout  is tied for the lead in the majors with 65 runs and he leads the league with 30 stolen bases. He also leads the American League with his .353 batting average. If Trout keeps up his high level of play he should be a lock for rookie of the year.

Maybe it’s Mark Trumbo who has 26 home runs this season, which is tied with Ryan Braun for the fourth most homers in the league. Trumbo’s fast hands and raw power make him a very scary hitter. He’s also got a knack for knocking in runs with 65 RBIs this season which ties him at fifth in the American League.

Pujols makes a good case for himself though. After starting the season with the slump to end all slumps, especially in the light of his very recent World Series performance and subsequent massive 10 year $254 million dollar deal, he seemed to not be able to hit. Fortunately for the Angels, Albert was able to shake out of the fog and is now not only making solid contact with the ball but, he’s hitting with power. His batting average has been on the rise up from .217 in April and .263 in May to batting .329 through the months of June and July.

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