Daily Rain 5-11-12: Lakers fall flat, Bulls & Hawks Eliminated

The Lakers Came Out Flat and Get Steamrolled By the Nuggets: The Understatement of the Year

The moment the Lakers stepped out onto  the floor last night they were entirely unprepared for the Denver Nuggets. They were beaten in literally every facet of the game. Offensively they had no fight in them, with the exception of Kobe Bryant who scored 31 points in 37 minutes of play. The Lakers struggled to make shots and lacked aggression of any kind settling for silly shots attempts early in the shot clock. Pau Gasol looked more lost than ever. I can only wonder if he even knew he was in the Pepsi Center in Denver.

Defensively they were overwhelmed Ty Lawson made them look foolish. Lawson had a shot from anywhere he wanted on the floor on his way to a career high 32 point game in which he knocked down 5 three pointers.

Denver played truly inspired basketball. They played like a team with a its back against the wall. They dominated the equally uninspired Lakers by moving the ball early and using Laker turnovers to score quick points in transition. Corey Brewer who isn’t exactly known for his proficient scoring got hot in fourth quarter where scored majority of his 18 points.

The Lakers have left the door open on a Nuggets team that feels extremely confident that it can beat them and that has a blueprint on how to beat them. That may prove to be the biggest mistake of all.

The Hawks Get The Boot From The Celtics

We all so this from a mile out. The only reason it is worth mentioning is that the Hawks made this a closer game than anyone thought it would be. The Hawks started off slow because . . . they’re the Hawks but soon found their rhythm. They lost because down the stretch they took too many jumpers.

When I say they, who I mean is Joe Johnson, Joe gets paid the big bucks on that team and yet he settles for jumpers time after time. The playoffs have not been kind to Johnson’s jump shots in the clutch. Particularly the contested ones. On one play with less than two minutes in regulation and the Hawks up two Johnson backed his man down to the top of the key and took a truly horrid and unnecessary turn around jumper. Since Joe Johnson is not Kobe that shot struck the back of the rim and was rebounded by the Celtics.

Watching the Hawks lose on an annual basis is infuriating to a certain extent because they’re a really athletic team with smart  players (sometimes).

The Bulls Tried To Beat the Sixers. It Almost Worked.

You have to hand it to Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau. He got all the heart and fight out of his team that a coach possibly could. Even as he lost player, after player, he got his team to dig deep and stand up to a more athletic and, some would argue, equally as well coached Sixers team.

It was not meant to be however, thanks to a combination of a CJ Watson mistake and Omer Asik’s laughably poor free throw shooting.

This was one of the better series in the first round surprisingly. It’s kind of sad to see this series not go the distance.

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