NFL Bounties: What’s The Big Deal?

If you find that you’re perturbed by the news that NFL players have been payed money for big hits, don’t be, its been happening for years. If you find that you’re disturbed by the news that current St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator  Gregg Williams had been using the bounty system to injure big name players to take them out of games, continue doing so, he may have been doing it for years. Although these allegations actually come from Williams defensive coaching stints with the New Orleans Saints and in Washington with the Redskins other teams will certainly be on the hot seat because undoubtedly this practice exists other places.

Because you can never put a price tag on big hits. Right?

Despite the fact the bounties have been in the NFL for a long time Roger Goodell has proven that he’s no slouch when it comes to player safety. Now that the story is floating out in the open for the fans to see Goodell will be forced to act. As he should be, and if Goodell’s investigation can confirm any of the allegations from Washington or New Orleans heads will roll. Gregg Williams was not only warned and told to stop with the bounties but he persisted in his ways, an action that is sure to incur the wrath of the commissioner. To pile on the drama Saints head coach Sean Payton may have had knowledge that this was happening, if he did, he obviously did nothing.!/RealRClark25/status/176400088833335296

There are so many questions to be answered but let’s start with the million dollar one. What happens to Gregg Williams? I certainly wouldn’t go the extreme of banning him from the NFL. Gregg Williams can’t have been the only coach that has ever done this and this is something that the league could have investigated earlier but didn’t see the need to until Williams was caught. However Williams shouldn’t be let off scott free. If the league wants to prove that it is serious about this they have to do something but, what? I’m going to level with you for a second. I’m not sure. A suspension of some kind would certainly be in order but how long and how harshly it is enforced isn’t something that I can say. Whatever Goodell does though must be done correctly. The first time. The consistency of future rulings as well as the precedent set for future violators.

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