What We Learned . . . From Week 2 of the NFL Season.

Tony Romo May Be A Choker but, He’s The Toughest One There Is.

I live in Texas, mostly, and the talk of the local media in the area is that Cowboys lack leadership in their locker room. Many believe that neither of the teams two best players, Demarcus Ware and Tony Romo, have true leadership ability. Let’s just go ahead and toss that out the window right now. If Romo didn’t have his team’s attention he does now.

Romo was knocked of his team’s game against the San Francisco 49ers with a broken rib. He returned and helped his team rally for a 27-24 overtime victory, in which he completed 20 of 33 passes for 345 yards and two touchdowns. It would later be discoverd that Romo also had a punctured lung.

It’s pretty hilarious to see the National media back pedal after calling Romo a choker after his meltdown with the Jets. This week he’s the most clutch guy that ever lived. I’m not backing off my statement though, if Romo wants people to stop saying that he chokes let him prove it to us in December.

Many People Believe That Without Peyton Manning, The Colts Are The Worst Team In The League. However, The Seattle Seahawks Are Making A Very Compelling Argument.

I always knew Pete Carroll was a head case but, when he opted to go with pretend quarterback Tarvaris Jackson as opposed to drafting a quarterback, or going after Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton, I had all the proof I needed. Tarvaris Jackson has the 5th lowest amount of yardage thrown for this season. He’s thrown a horrifyingly low 356 yards and a single touchdown all season long. Understandably they got shut out by the Steelers who felt that the Ravens embarrassed them but, I hope I’m not the only thinking that Seattle is an absolute joke of a football team.

The Kansas City Chiefs Season Is Over.

That, ladies and gents, about sums that up.

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The Most Exciting Team In the League: Is The Buffalo Bills?

I don’t mean the best team but, I meant the most exciting. When you combine the fact that no one expected this kind of start from them with how they’re winning games I would argue their excitement level. They absolutely pounded the Chiefs which was a shock in and of itself. The Chiefs certainly aren’t where they were last year but the Bills? Then on Sunday Buffalo rallied from a 21-3 halftime deficit to overtake the Raiders and win the game.

That offense is nothing short of potent. Ryan Fitzpatrick dominated the slingin’ the rock for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns. Fred Davis carried the ball fifteen times for 115 yards and 2 touchdowns. Buffalo’s performance was delightful.

The NFL Is Becoming Soccer.

I was watching Rams take on the Giants at Metlife Stadium and two things happened in that game that I still can’t believe. The first is that the NFL is becoming soccer courtesy of the New York football Giants.

They should be fined for this crap.

The other thing though is the poor guy that got hit in the face during a touchdown celebration.

I’m a terrible person because I laughed so hard I nearly sprayed juice all over my computer.

The Jaguars Should Start Blaine Gabbert.

To be honest this headline should have read The Jaguars Should Never Have Cut David Garrard.  That’s in the past now I suppose.

Remember when I said that Tarvaris Jackson was one of the fifth lowest quarterbacks in the league in terms of yardage? Well, current starter Luke McCown is on that short list of guys who are statistically worse than that. In fact, he’s last in the league with 234 yards in two games. He threw four interceptions against the Jets on Sunday and his Jaguars only scored 3 points.

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2 thoughts on “What We Learned . . . From Week 2 of the NFL Season.

  1. I agree that the Seahawks for the worst team in football and it’s literally amazing how far down Carroll is trying to take this team. Charlie Whitehurst then Tarvaris Jackson…ridiculous. If I was Paul Allen I would have fired Carroll after aquiring Jackson.

    Also agree with you about the Jaguars and Garrard. I’m still scratching my head at how Jack Del Rio thought that starting a journeyman quarterback over Garrard was a good idea. Throw in the towel and let Gabbert learn the NFL game.


  2. brief22 says:

    I totally agree with you. Tony Romo is definitely tough. All of the so-called “Experts” who say he isn’t would NEVER go out and play a game with a punctured lung.

    Also, you can’t rule a team (The Chiefs) out this early. They may just have some spark in them.

    Great post! SUBSCRIBED to your blog! Are you on Twitter!

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