Is Tiger Woods at the End of the Road?

Tiger Woods is a confusing man to say the least. When Tiger announced that he would refrain from playing golf until he was healthy enough to do so. It was my opinion and the opinion of everyone who even remotely follows golf that maybe Woods should just shut it down for the year and come back as healthy as possible next year. So it’s more than a bit curious that Tiger has decided after an 11-week hiatus that he’s ready to go and play at W.G.C.-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone Country Club.


Tiger will draw with him attention as he always does because there are so many questions about him. Did he get to clear his head during the break? Is he still hungry for a win? Has he mastered his new swing? How healthy is the knee anyway?

In true Tiger fashion of course, we’ll have to see what happens, because Tiger is rarely straightforward when answering questions, if at all. However during the course of this tournament many statements will be made in the field of play that can give us some insight into the future of Tiger Woods.

These answers of course will have to be taken with a grain of salt because Woods just started playing again this week. If Tiger has a good showing or a poor showing will tell us a lot about how he will do going into the future. How he reacts to adversity, and there will be adversity, will tell us even more. I think that if Tiger can show up and play well and he’s competitive we can expect him to return to form. Maybe not as dominant as he was, but he can look like a guy who can become once again the winner we know he can be.

Tiger’s not at the end. He better not be because his impatience tells us a lot about him. It tells us that he loves playing the game of golf and he can’t stand to be apart from it but, more importantly it tells us that Tiger Woods cannot stand to be irrelevant. If he can’t pull himself back to his old form, he’ll be exactly what he hates being the most, irrelevant.


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