James Harrison’s Mouth Gets Him Into Trouble . . . Again. Roger Clemens Case Mistrial.

It’s time to get into the two current problem children of sports James Harrison and Roger Clemens. James Harrison has done  the one thing the Steelers hoped that he wouldn’t do during the lockout. He opened his mouth. Harrison a man with seemingly unfiltered rage that allows him to make great plays on the gridiron is capable of using that same rage to get himself in to trouble.

James Harrison and What He Said.

James Harrison has said some pretty outrageous things in his career. He said that he would retire if the league kept fining him for big hits last season. Which is a pretty ridiculous thing for a player on a Super Bowl contending team to say. Harrison has also accused the league of singling out Steelers with fines, which is ridiculous because last year the league was handing out fines to all sorts of defensive players, like handing out fines was going out of style.

James Harrison said the unthinkable when he opened his face to say things to Men’s Journal recently. He crossed the line. Harrison’s disdain for the commissioner is no secret. He’s definitely not the only guy who doesn’t like Goodell, but when you call the commissioner an anti-gay slur, a clown, a crook, a devil, stupid, a puppet, and a dictator, you’re on the wrong track already. He didn’t just cross the line. He crossed the line and kept plowing forward without looking. Harrison reached the point of no return when he said to Men’s Journal that, “If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do it. I hate him and will never respect him.”

Oh Snap, bro!












There’s no way that an average person could speak of their bosses that way. That’s not something that most people have the privilege of doing. Some of us have had bosses that really don’t like, but we certainly wouldn’t allow that to put where our bosses can see it. I know Roger Goodell isn’t the greatest NFL commissioner that ever lived, but there is a certain level of respect that Harrison should have shown the man who represents the people who write your paycheck.

Harrison also threw teammates Ben Roethlisberger  and Rashard Mendenhall under the bus, saying that Roethlisber “should hand the ball off and stop acting like Peyton Manning” and he called Mendenhall a “fumble machine.”

Harrison has since apologized for what he said about his teammates and the aforementioned gay slur.

The lockout’s main downside is not simply the lack of football. It’s the damage that athletes have been doing and will continue to do to themselves and each other the longer this lasts. Wether it’s legal trouble like Aqib Talib has gotten himself into, general lack of behavior like Dez Bryant, or the diarrhea of the mouth that James Harrison seems to suffer from, some athletes are damaging themselves and their relationships with their teammates.

No one can say for sure, but it’s likely that this doesn’t make the game better even when football does return.

Maybe James Harrison can relate.












Roger Clemens Eludes The Frying Pan and Possibly the Fire.

Roger Clemens is breathing the biggest sigh of relief in human history. His perjury case, which seemed to many to be a slam dunk, was ruled a mistrial. I am not a lawyer so I’ll present to you the legal illiterate’s version of what happened. It’s so simple that it hardly makes sense. Basically the prosecution brought evidence into the case that should not have been. The judge specifically said not to bring the evidence in, but the prosecution decided to bring it anyway and the judge ruled the case a mistrial. To make matters worse the prosecution did this not once, but twice!

This obviously is a big mistake. According to Fox Sports legal analyst Jeff Benz it’s a mistake that “you’re taught as a first year lawyer to try to avoid at all costs when you’re putting on you’re case.”

These lawyers committed “prosecutorial misconduct” and if the judge sees fit, Roger Clemens may never be tried for perjury again. This was going to be a big case, because a guy who may have taken steroids was finally going to go down for it. Instead the Federal Government is most likely going to have to take another crack at this case. However, because of double jeopardy, Clemens may not be tried again for the same crime. What angle the Feds choose to take has yet to be seen, but this proves along with the case of Barry Bonds, that it is possible to get away with steroid use.

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