Home Run Derby & All-Star Game, K-Swiss CEO change? and USA soccer talk.

I won’t get into wether or not the All Star game should decide home field advantage. I think that’s an issue that

  1. Has been covered already, and covered well might I add.
  2. I think we all agree that it shouldn’t.

So I’ll leave that at that.

The two days that included the Home Run Derby and All Star Game were fun. I thought the Derby was great. The team play was almost a non factor when you consider how bad Matt Holliday and Rickie Weeks were, but the Final between Adrian Gonzalez and Robinson Cano was absolutely fun and thrilling. The father and son moment between Robinson and his dad was also priceless.

The All-Star game got off to a great start. Especially early in the game when Halladay and Weaver were pitching, but once Prince Fielder knocked the three run homer that gave the National League a 4-1 lead in the game it slowed down a lot. Without any resistance from the American League the excitement of the game wore off in the later innings. I still enjoyed myself because of the conversations with other fans like myself on twitter and I was watching the game with my little brother and he was having a great time watching the different players do their stuff. His favorite part of the game was when Heath Bell came in the game and slid to the pitcher’s mound.


Kenny Powers is the kind of fictional character that sports fans can appreciate. He also makes for a pretty entertaining CEO. In this extremely hilarious video Powers attempts to change the sports world with the new K-Swiss Tubes. This commercial features many athletes, but the guys who stuck out were Matt Cassel and Patrick Willis. Oh yeah, the language is not for kids. I’m still not buying K-Swiss shoes though. I have standards.

There's No Way In Hell I'm Putting These On My Feet










FIFA Women’s World Cup

The USA women did a great job overcoming the referee, errr . . . adversity in their game against Brazil last Sunday. The game was thrilling and exciting, but nowhere near as exciting as it could have been. The referee was terrible. She was injecting herself into the game at every given opportunity. She was arguing and yelling at players in the field of play. I have a problem with that. Refs need to be professionals that remain objective and this referee was not. If we notice their existence during the course of a game, they’re doing it wrong.

The referee aside, the game had drama and intrigue. It was genuinely a good show of athletics. Hope Solo had some crazy saves, Brazil’s Martha had a great goal, and the penalty kicks at the end of the game was just plain fun. It’s a shame that one referee wanted to be in the game so bad that she ruined it.

The USA may have had a great moral victory in their win over Brazil, but they had a few things going for them.

  1. The USA has more money it’s women’s soccer program than Brazil. Women playing soccer in Brazil largely goes unnoticed in the shadow of the men’s game. The USA women were better conditioned and it showed.
  2. The USA had a better coach. This is my opinion, but it felt like Brazil’s coach Kleiton Lima was getting outsmarted by Pia Sundhage at every turn. The difference in ability looked as glaring as Rick Carlisle and Erick Spoelstra. Sundhage has coached her team well and continues to make great mid-game adjustments as the tournament goes on.
  3. Brazil doesn’t really play defense. Not much analysis on that. They just don’t play any.

The USA is not destined to win this tournament. They must earn it like everyone else. If they lose to France, a team with out Brazil’s shortcomings, that great victory will be all for naught.

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