Derek Jeter and the 3,000 hits club.

As of this post Derek Jeter is parked at 2,998 hits. Jeter has an opportunity ahead of him for the ages. He may get the two hits necessary to get to 3,000 tonight. Jeter is well poised to join an elite club which includes Roberto Clemente, Tony Gwynn, and Cal Ripken Jr. Another thing that would set Jeter apart is that he made through the steroid era unscathed. Jeter unlike many high profile players was never caught with or suspected of using performance enhancing drugs. He never got huge or had an dramatically high spike in performance. I’m not saying that Jeter is free of suspicion, but we’ve all believed Derek to be one of the most stand up guys currently playing in the league.

Derek Jeter’s production this season has gone down and he suffered that calf injury and still he seems determined to break this record. Jeter at 37 years of age is the kind of Yankee that doesn’t come around very often. He was drafted and was brought up in the organization. Which is different from other Yankee greats who greatly perceived to have been “bought” to win the World Series.

On top of the way Jeter is built in to the Yankees organization getting to 3,000 hits would be also be a milestone for the Yankees organization. After all the things this team has accomplished in it’s storied history, the Yankees have never had a 3,000 hit player. Which is kind of hard to believe. I actually had to go back and check.

I think that it’s hard to get a player like Derek Jeter. We may not see a guy like this in our lifetimes. He’s a hard worker, consistent, and classy. He hasn’t cheated(so far as we know) and is one of the most loved players in the league. Jeter was always going to be a Hall of Fame player, but 3,000 hits would solidify his career as one of the league’s finest shortstops, Yankees, and players of all time.

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