Monday Musing:NFL Lockout Breakthrough?,Pujols Returning, and more.

The weekend was great. Baseball and Independence Day go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Better. Also the MLB had those special 4th of July hats and jerseys. They look awesome.

I want this damn hat.










NFL Lockout Update:

I try not to get caught up in the NFL lockout. After my previous rant I really wanted to have nothing to do with it until the lockout was lifted and sanity returned to my life. However, it appears that there my have finally been a breakthrough in negotiations. There have even been reports that a deal could be done as soon as Monday of next week. I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’m tired of feeling like Charlie Brown with the national media playing the part of Lucy pulling the football from in front of my just as I’m about to kick it. That being said, the lawyers are talking. This is a good thing. Before, the lawyers were getting in the way, but this is different. Right now the lawyers of the players and owners are by themselves, which is basically perceived as the wording of the new CBA being corrected.

I'd rather talk about this than lawyers.












Albert Pujols is back?

Yes and no. Pujols isn’t starting, but will be ready to go from the bench. Pujols return is nothing short of miraculous. He was supposed to be out 4-6 weeks with that wrist fracture. Pujols insists that he feels no pain whatsoever. This kind of return definitely showcases Albert’s durability if nothing else, which is something that he can market going into the future. The only question left to answer is if the injury will change the way he plays or if it will change his swing at all.

Roger Clemens Perjury Case. He won’t back down.

Roger Clemens is like me when I was a kid. I was the kid that reached into the cookie jar approximately .02 seconds after my parents told me not too. I once got caught literally with my hand in the jar with crumbs all over my face and had the gall to stand there and say that, I didn’t eat anything. Roger’s hand is caught in the cookie jar, and he’s got a cookie in his other hand, and he’s poured himself a glass of milk, but the guy is still looking at everyone and saying that he didn’t do anything. I grew up a Yankee fan and Roger is one of my favorite players, but I and the whole world knows he juiced. I wish he would own it, because he was a great pitcher and a Yankee through and through. Why should Roger tell the truth? Will it save his legacy? No. Will it stop him from making it worse? Hell yes.  Tell the truth Roger so we can just forget about it. If you don’t, Andy Petite will do it for you when he testifies.

Unfortunately Steroids and Baseball Go Together As Well


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