Take a Baseball Break.

This is what we call the dog days of summer. The NBA and NHL have finished their respective seasons and the NFL is still a ways off (if it comes back at all) and you should takes  some time and watch baseball. At this point in the season a lot of great story lines are developing. The best teams are peaking and we’re right in the middle of interleague play. If you missed Father’s day weekend I feel bad for you. The weekend was filled with great plays, behind-the-back passes, walk-off home runs, and more. Add on a great presentation and you have one of the few thing that are done correctly in sports. Days that are well done like that are hardly ever replicated in any other sport.

Baseball is a sport for people who can enjoy tactics, and individual tactics in particular. Where as football and basketball are sports that involve a team strategies to gain a victory, baseball is a sport where two players go one-on-one and try to see who can outwit the other. When hitters and pitchers face off it becomes a chess match of sorts. The more pitches in a pitchers repertoire, the more he is able to do. A hitter who knows how to work a pitcher and get in his head is also invaluable for the team. This of course is just a basic view of it. It’s a much more complicated match up than that obviously, but it’s absolutely thrilling to watch.

I love baseball so I may be biased, and I’m not making the argument that it’s the greatest sport. I do think however that a lot of people dismiss a great game with great players in it.  Give the game a chance. What else are you going to do?


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