Floyd Mayweather the Money Grabber.

I don’t like Floyd Mayweather. What’s there to like? He’s supremely arrogant, he’s as ignorant as he is arrogant, and he robs boxing fans of great fights. Floyd is very smart. He knows all the right things to say and do to push all the right buttons in the media. I don’t believe, simply based on how Mayweather behaves that he has the proper respect for boxing (see the racist rant that he had about Pacquiao and Philippine people), he treats it like a bank account. He just un-retires and fights somebody who we know he can beat and then takes the resulting giant check all the way to the bank (presumably laughing all the way).

The thing that  makes Floyd unlikable is his way of meticulously choosing fights. Mayweather often selects fights that he can win so that he’ll maintain his undefeated record. This of course involves him fighting guys before or after their prime. Most recently was hugfest . . . errr . . . Mayweather v. Mosley. That fight, as everyone should have expected, was awful. Mosley and Mayweather (both boxers) went for points and there was enough clinching to put any fight fan to sleep. This is what he does and as fans we suffer because we do want to see a good fight.

I bring this up because just like in the Hangover 2; it happened again. This time though instead of catching someone on the back end of their prime Mayweather has caught young WBC welterweight champ Victor Ortiz at the beginning of his. Ortiz had a great fight against Andre Berto. He was knocked down twice early in the fight, rallied and came back with two knockdowns of his own. He’s good fighter with a bright future, but everyone more or less agrees that he doesn’t have enough experience to take on Floyd. He’s about three years too early. I’m not dissing Floyd’s skills. I think he’s a great fighter, but he often does what’s best for his bank account and not what’s best for the sport. Time is quickly running out for the fight that everyone would love to see him fight. We want him to fight Manny Pacquiao obviously, but by the evidence Floyd has given us can we trust that it will happen? If Floyd doesn’t believe he’ll win that fight it’s not happening, I’ll tell you that right now. His perfect record means a lot to him, but if you don’t put that on the line against the very best, what’s the point?

Stuff like this always winds up coming back to what is fundamentally wrong with boxing. In boxing, more often than not, the promoters win, the fighters win, and the fans get shafted. We don’t get to see the best fights, it’s not accessible to new fans, and often times name recognition trumps talent. We all hope that this broken system will get fixed, but while we’re waiting we shouldn’t have to put up with guys like Floyd.

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