The Dallas Mavericks are the Champs!

Dirk Nowitzki didn’t shoot the ball very well and it didn’t matter. The Mavericks as a team stepped up and did their jobs. I don’t just mean Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, J.J. Barea, or Shawn Marion. I mean everyone. Brian “The Custodian” Cardinal knocked down a big shot and defended the paint, Ian Mahinmi played solid defense off the bench, and DeShawn Stevenson was lights out from down town. Dirk didn’t need to be Superman to be an NBA champion because he played on a team that recognized the importance of their duties and they executed them. Seriously? Who would have thought that Dallas could rely on Brian Cardinal on the biggest stage in the stead of Tyson Chandler, who couldn’t stop picking up stupid fouls to save his life? The Mavs teamwork and¬†perseverance won them this title. Save the big German himself, there are no stars on Dallas’ team. No standouts or exceptional athletes, but there were a bunch of cause committed to a cause who all knew their roles and played within them. Their team was in a quite literal contrast to the Miami Heat.

Lebron wasn’t aggressive, but neither was Dwayne. They didn’t play off of each other or even with each other, but more or less seemed to be playing over each other. Neither ever made the decision over the course of the game to dominate. How could they? If one guy takes shots he’s taking away from the other. Let’s not even mention Bosh who was the best Heat player in my opinion. He played with more heart the James and Wade put together, but he didn’t get any touches. He was so efficient that he outscored Dwayne Wade and took 7 less shots to do it. He scored 19 points on 7 of 9 shooting. The Miami Heat may have had the superior athletes, but unlike Dallas they were not a team. When your teammates are scoring off of put backs only, you’ve got a team problem. The turnovers and miscommunication that happened all game for the Heat would have led a sane person who hadn’t ever seen them before to believe that they had never played together. These are the things that a team that has spent time together would know how to do. When things got tough we saw the Heat fall apart, and I for one that they were better than that.

The Dallas Mavericks were humble even in victory, which speaks to the kind of guys that are on that team. I didn’t like Jason Terry before this series, but I have respect for him now. I see a guy who is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He played his best when it mattered most. When Dirk was struggling Dallas stayed afloat due mostly to how well Terry was playing. He made good decisions with the ball and made the most of his opportunities. Dirk did what Dirk does. He could not be found for most of the game, but when Dallas needed a closer in the fourth quarter he was there when they needed him. Only Dirk could score 3 points in the first half of a close out game and then show up with a big 18 points in the second half to finish his opponent off.

I can’t say enough about how well Dallas played. They really had a spectacular performance all series long. This is one of the most enjoyable NBA Finals in quite sometime. The story lines were good and the games were epic. What more could a fan ask for? I just hope that everyone remembers how this feels because we might have to go on that feeling going into the near future. An NBA lockout is looming and the owners and players can’t seem to agree on any issues.

Both teams played hard and the Mavericks are the champs. Congratulations guys on a season well played.

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