NBA Eastern Conference Finals Recap: Game 5, Finish Him.

The Miami Heat are headed to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2006 to play exactly who they met there last time. This was a good game with some great back and forth moments. The Heat’s three three pointers to close out the game told us everything we needed to know about this series and why it was so one-sided. The Heat are like Ramen noodles. Instant. How quickly that team turned on offense when they needed it most is crazy and, it speaks to why having two guys like Dwayne Wade and Lebron James on your team makes you difficult to beat. Miami’s big three combined for a total of 69 points. Lebron and Bosh had 11 and 10 rebounds respectively. This game was not decided by the role players, guys who were able to get open and do damage in game 4, it was all the big three in this one. Only three other Heat players scored outside of the big three and they combined for 14 points.

I hope this series doesn’t tarnish what was a fantastic regular season by Derrick Rose. He did so much for his team he just has a lot to learn. Let’s not forget that Rose is just 22 years old. He’s improved himself and in so doing our expectations of him so greatly that when he didn’t play to the bar he set for himself this series, people started to really be hard on him. Miami is a great defensive team and Derrick Rose struggled because he had to play through a double team on a nightly basis. Chicago doesn’t have another player who will punish a defense for being too aggressive on a double. Without that Rose shot a season low 35% against the Miami Heat. Rose shot 43.6% all season long. He played as well he could, given the circumstances. I think he still deserved to be the MVP of the league and I’ll stand by that. This team wouldn’t even have made it this far if Derrick didn’t have the dedication to his game that he does.

If you must blame anyone, then blame Carlos Boozer. He apparently forgot there was a game last night. He was the one guy that could have made a difference in this series but all the Bulls got out of him was weak sauce on a regular basis.

As for Lebron, if you’re not from Cleveland get over yourself, he deserves credit for finally becoming a consistent go to option and a clutch player. Even if the Heat were a humble team that never stepped on any toes or offended anybody people would still hate them. Lebron being arrogant or not is no business of mine. I personally don’t care. He’s a talented ball player and that’s what matters. He was the best player on the floor in this series on a nightly basis. He had nights where he had to score, and he did. He had nights where it was better to facilitate, and you know what? He did that too. Bosh faded in and out. Dwayne vanished in game four (until the overtime period anyway). The only constant is that night in and night out the Heat could rely on productivity from Lebron all the time.

I’m not going to call any series that is over in 5 games a “good” series but I am a fan of defensive battles. This series was full of them so from that angle it was enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to Miami  and Dallas. The storyline is going to be a good guy vs. bad guy one. This NBA playoffs has been good to me as a basketball fan. Were you not entertained?

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