NBA Western Conference Finals Recap: Game 4; The Thunder Poo Poo the Bed.

With 5 minutes to go in the game the Dallas Mavericks overcome a 15 point deficit to tie the game and send it into overtime. Once in overtime the Mavs dominated the young Thunder in an unbelievable comeback victory. If I weren’t watching it myself I wouldn’t have believed it. Dirk had another brilliant game scoring 40 points while shooting 12 of 20 from the field. I thought the Thunder actually played the better game for most of the game but, the Dallas Mavericks stepped up in crunch time. The Mavs went on a 17-2 run taking advantage of the fact that James Harden fouled out of the game and every Oklahoma City blunder along the way. When it came down to the end of the game Dallas was playing to win and OKC appeared to be playing not to lose.

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant got to the free throw line but, did not shoot particularly well. They were a combined 16 of 44 from the field. The Thunder bigs, Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collison, and Serge Ibaka, played extremely well. Collison had timely rebounds, Perkins provided points and a big body to protect the rim and Ibaka blocked shots and made jumpers and post moves alike. The ones who lost the game for the Thunder are Durant and Westbrook really. Durant forced bad shots near the end of the game including a couple of long distance three pointers that made no sense. Westbrook made some awful fouls despite having an otherwise good game.

The Mavericks did their best work late but, it was Nowitzki who shouldered the load. The Dallas veterans made wise decision after wise decision. Terry caught an inbound pass in the backcourt when OKC needed a foul. Jason Kidd called a timeout with time expiring to give his team a chance to score in the dwindling regulation. It’s plays like this that the Mavs made that the Thunder didn’t make coming down the stretch that was the difference maker in this game and may ultimately be the difference maker in this series.

The Thunder have now put themselves in a precarious postion. They now have to go back to Dallas and win a game in order to survive this series. To be honest I don’t think they can do it and from the looks on their faces half way through that overtime, I don’t think they believe they can do it either.

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