Eastern Conference Finals Recap: Game 3, Heat Dominate the 4th . . . Again.

Chris Bosh carried the Heat to a game three victory over the Chicago Bulls. His 34 points on 13 of 18 shooting did the trick. Chicago’s bigs didn’t seem to have an answer for him as he scored on them in a variety of ways. He spun off of Boozer and dunked it on one play and then a few plays later nailed a 19 footer in his face. I think I’ve ranted on this before so I’ll be brief. Chis Bosh isn’t soft he’s just not extremely physical. He can get big when he needs to and always seems to when the Heat need him most. The Bulls did, in my opinion, as good a job defensively as they possibly could have. If you look at the box score both teams scored equally up until the fourth quarter. That’s where the past two games have been won for Miami and lost for Chicago.

The announcers in last nights game Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller (ugh!) said that the Bulls had trouble scoring and that Miami was playing much better defense but when I looked at the quarter by quarter scoring in the box scores this is what I saw.

1st quarter: Heat 18; Bulls 15

2nd quarter: Heat 25; Bulls 25

3rd quarter: Heat 25; Bulls 25

4th quarter: Heat 28; Bulls 20

As you can see either the Bulls were equally as proficient offensively as the Heat were for three quarters or the Heat aren’t as good defensively as we think. I think these are two very good teams going head to head and that the more talented bunch keeps coming out on top. The Bulls need to figure out a way to get more players involved. Even though they had a good game from Boozer (finally) they need more production from Noah and Deng to be effective. They did improve some by not settling for so many threes in the game but, might want think about stretching Miami’s defense with some mid range jump shots. There were a few opportunities to make Miami pay for being to aggressive double teaming Derrick Rose but the Bulls never really took full advantage.

The most telling stat of this game is that Lebron James had 10 assists to go along with his 22 points. Lebron brought the ball up the court multiple times playing the ever advantageous “point forward” position. He was able to get his teammates involved in a way that Derrick Rose seemed to struggle doing. Both Rose and his team need to step it up. Rose wasn’t nearly aggressive enough in transition and the other Bulls seemed complacent themselves.

In the end Miami played a superior fourth quarter, turning up the Heat defensively and sticking with the hot shooter, this allowed them to put some distance to close the game out. The Bulls have some adjustments to make and I think they’ll be made. Will it be enough?

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