My Eastern Conference and Western Conference Predictions

Conference Finals are going to be great this year. A lot of defense is going to be played and I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to see some thrillers as well. Eastern Conference Finals will see the Chicago Bulls take on the Miami Heat and in the west the Dallas Mavericks will play the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Eastern Conference

The Bulls take on the Heat in this series and I like the Bulls to win it. The Bulls swept the Heat in the season series but, I’m not basing any of my opinion on that. That was a different Miami team. They made mistakes late in games couldn’t finish, weren’t meshing well, and they were crying in the locker room. The Miami team before us in these playoffs close out games, their stars mesh well, and they have some confidence to lean on when things go bad for them. I like the Bulls because of their defense which, when applied from the beginning of a game causes teams to make mistakes. Miami plays great D as well but I find that they only do it in spurts and never at the beginning of games. Tom Thibodeau will have a game plan for the Heat and the Bulls will execute it. That’s how they were able to win 62 games this season and that’s why I think they’ll win this series. They have much more depth than the Heat. The Bulls have practically won the point guard and center match ups already.

I pick Chicago to win this series in six games.

Western Conference

I waffled on this decision a lot. I even told a friend earlier that I pick Dallas. Well, I change my mind. I pick the Thunder. Oklahoma City plays better team defense and runs in transition much better than Dallas does. On top of that, they’ve proven that they have multiple scorers on their team and that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook don’t have to carry the load of scoring by themselves. I think OKC has tougher big men and that their bench is a bit deeper. Dallas does have Dirk Nowitzki who looks about as dialed in as I’ve ever seen a guy. Jason Kidd has been shooting well and the support of J.J. Barrea and Jason Terry doesn’t hurt a thing. I don’t see this series as a cakewalk by any means I just think OKC has the scoring and defensive edge.

I pick the Thunder in seven games.

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