April: A look back at the past month in baseball.

It’s been a great month in baseball. I’ve been busy with the NBA Playoffs and I haven’t exactly been able to get in depth in baseball but after the NBA playoffs are over I’d like to get more into that. I did however keep my ear to the ground as they say and have noticed a thing or two.

Most Fun Players to Watch:

Troy Tulowitzki has been great to watch. Sure, he’s cooled off some after starting the season off hot but, he still leads his team with 7 home runs and is batting .296 He’s got a nice skill set and looks good on defense.

Lance Berkman in my opinion is on a tare. It seems sometimes like he’s hitting everything that comes his way. With a batting average of .406 along with 27 RBIs and 9 homers on the season. Lance is on a roll. He gives St. Louis a chance to win anytime he steps up to the plate.

Florida Marlin’s Pitcher Josh Johnson has started hot. I didn’t hear a lot about him from the national media but was reading about him yesterday and it dawned on me. Johnson hasn’t just been good. He’s been dominant. He has an ERA of 0.88, 39 strikeouts, and has won all of 3 of his starts so far. Josh Johnson has the lowest ERA in the league.

A team that is playing better than expected:

The Cleveland Indians are I think obviously in this category. I didn’t think they would be able to sustain but they ended the month win a 19-8 record. Cleveland leads the AL Central currently with a 20-8 record and have won 7 games in a row. Justin Masterson in that pitching rotation is having a brilliant year. His control over his pitches has given him 5 wins on the season.

A team that sucked far worse than anyone could have imagined:

The Minnesota Twins have been awful. I know they don’t have Joe Mauer but that’s still no reason that they’re as sorry as they are. The Twins pitching rotation has some of the highest ERAs in the majors and they are lead by Francisco Liriano (who did pitch a no-hitter tonight) with an ERA of 9.13. They’re bullpen isn’t much better. To make matters worse the Twins don’t have a dominant hitter. Guys are batting okay but not great so it they get behind in a game its essentially over.

I would say Boston goes in this category because of their awful start but they have been playing better as of late so I’ll reserve judgment.

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