NBA Playoffs 4-26-11: Game 5’s

Click there to listen! ————>NBA Playoffs 5-26-11

Magic crush the Hawks 101-76 to escape elimination


A.Orlando played their most well-rounded game of the season.

1.Dwight Howard was 1-4 w/ 8 points

2.Top players in the game: Jason Richardson 6 of 14 w/ 17 points, Ryan Anderson 3 of 9 w/ 11 points, and

J.J. Reddick 6 of 8 w/ 14 points

3.As a team they shot 41% and 42% from the three point land.

4.Outscored Atlanta’s bench 49-34

5.Jameer Nelson injured his knee.

B.Atlanta didn’t get points from the bench

1.Josh Smith was the only one who showed up. 7 of 18 w/ 22 points and 11 rebounds

2.Starting center Jason Collins. Scored no points, had one rebound and one assist.

3.Shot 36% from the field. 4 of 16 as a team from 3


A.The Magic forced turnovers and held the Hawks to 76 points

1.As a team had 7 steals and 4 blocks

2.Allowed just 22 points in the paint for Atlanta.

B.The Hawks just got rolled.

1.They controlled nothing the whole game and basically got dominated in every facet of the game.

Bulls stomp Pacers 116-89


A. Chicago had their most production all series.

1. Derrick Rose scored 25 points on 8 of 17 shooting.

2. Taj Gibson and Kyle Korver provided 23 points from the bench.

3. Role players stepping up nullified the double-team on Derrick Rose

4 Luol Deng 7 of 14 w/ 24 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals, and a block filled out the statsheet.

B. The Pacers never found a rythym

1. The Pacers shot terribly as a team. Just 39%

2. They had 20 turnovers. 4 each from big men Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Hibbert.


A. The Bulls did a good job blocking shots and stealing passes

1. Joakim Noah 4 of his teams 9 blocked shots.

2. I thought he played a very physical game Noah did. Josh McRoberts got ejected for this reason.

B. Did not do well in transition

1. Chicago scored 17 fast break points.

Lakers handle Hornets 106-90

I. Offense

A. Lakers took advantage of their size for seemingly the first time this series.

1. Kobe Bryant 8 of 13 w/  19 points. So much for the ankle injury.

2.The Lakers had 6 players in double figures

3.Pau Gasol finally showed his face in this series. 16 shooting 6 of 12.

4.Bynum and Gasol had 18 rebounds between the two of them. LA won the paint battle 42-30.

B. The Hornets shot the ball just as good as the Lakers did . . .

1. New Orleans shot the ball 49% from the field. Just like the Lakers did. They just shot it less.

2. They took away their own offensive opportunities with turnovers and low percentage shots. The Hornets had 17 TO’s

3. Chris Paul should have shot more.

4. Ariza, Paul, and Belinelli all scored in the 20’s but nobody else got into the double digits

5. No production from the bench. The Lakers outscored the Hornets 29-14 from the bench.

II. Defense

A. The Lakers destroyed the Hornets on the boards

1. A good sign of playing good defense is when you force the opponent to shoot a bad shot. New Orleans had nothing to show for          their stops because they could not out rebound the Lakers. LA won that battle 42-25.

2. The Lakers forced turnovers and really bad shots.

B. Played pretty good defense throughout the game but lost it at the end.

1. The Hornets do deserve some credit defensively. They forced 12 turnovers.

2. They matched the Lakers on the defensive glass. However they late the Lakers get way too many offensive rebounds and second chance points.

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