Worst Wednesday #3

This week’s nominees are:

Justin Verlander and his almost comically embarrassing balk:

Verlander tried to throw out Daric Barton on first and instead hit batter David Dejesus because he said, “I just didn’t get my body turned.”

Bob Knight and his slander of the University of Kentucky and it’s players and John Calipari.Bob Knight has always been against one and done players in college basketball. However it’s how hard he went after Calipari that gets me. What’s worse he openly says that “Kentucky started five players year before last that had not been to class that semester.”

Just go ahead and skip in 3 minutes.

” Patrick Patterson graduated from Kentucky in three years. DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe finished their classes in the spring semester despite preparing for the NBA draft. Darius Miller is still enrolled at Kentucky. And John Wall proudly tweeted last year that he earned a 3.5 spring semester GPA to go with all A’s and B’s during the fall.” Jeff Eisen of Yahoo Sports

I was going to pile on Jared Jeffries for fumbling on a late possession to help lose the Knicks their game 2 against the Celtics yesterday but, I won’t.

1. I bet the guy feels bad enough already without having one more dud behind a computer who he has never met rip into him further.

2. Carmelo Anthony was being Carmelo Anthony. He absolved himself of blame and left Jeffries out to dry.

“I made the right play,” Anthony said. “The right play was to go to Jared. … I thought Jared was going to lay it up … I made the right play so I can live with that.”

If that weren’t bad enough with an opportunity to foul and get Delonte West to the free throw line with maybe enough time for another last second shot, Carmelo Anthony didn’t foul in time because he was tired.

“I couldn’t get out there,” Anthony said. “I don’t want to fall flat, now.”

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