Worst Wednesday #2

This weeks nominees for the worst showing in sporting related news:

  • Gloria James, Lebron James’s mom, slapped a valet. She opted for the “Do you know who I am?” shot. (She was drunk allegedly.)
  • Allen Iverson got cited for not having his registration up to date but went on a tirade also ending in a “Do you know who I am?” shot.
  • The Mets pitching rotation. The Mets average about 5 runs per game and those pitchers have not pitched well enough for that to mean anything. The Mets have a record of 4-7.
  • I hate to do this to the guy but Rory McIlroy just had the most dreadful Sunday in the Masters tournament.

Update: I’ll give it to Gloria James and Allen Iverson because they both decided to ask people “Do you know who I am?”

I should have nominated Josh Hamilton. His third base coach told him to run home off of a pop up fly, which was still in play, Hamilton ran home slid head first, got injured, and got tagged out. He then threw his third base coach under the bus. Then the next day he did it again. If I had remembered he probably would have won.



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