Why do fans say ‘we’?

I’ve been asked this question before when I root for any of my teams. Why do you say ‘we’? I guess it looks kind of ridiculous. Some guy at home on his couch. Probably miles away for the team he’s rooting for yelling at the top of his lungs, “WE WON!” When we all know that they had nothing to do with that victory. Is it okay to include yourself in as a factor of the team winning?

Yes. Yes it is. The fact of the matter is that the fans are a factor too. We buy tickets and merchandise and the money from these things go to the teams that we buy them from. Most of the revenue from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL tend to come from TV deals which are guaranteed in nature. However these deals wouldn’t guaranteed if fans didn’t watch the games on TV. As fans we tend to get ignored and stepped on. We put up with a lot of crap and often times we say nothing.

The NFL labor negotiations and subsequent lockout are a perfect example. There are quite literally billions of dollars at stake and the players want their cut. The owners want even more than that. The crazy thing is that all of these topics end up on the table like the 18 game season and moving kick offs up to the 35 yard line, all of this happens without talking to the fans and seeing what they want. This literally works in no other industry. In no other industry is it acceptable to make decisions without thinking about the customer.

I think fans should be able to include themselves with their teams because they’ve earned it. They put themselves through a lot and they pay for it. The true worry for our major sports league’s should be that if the fans ever decided to work together we might be able to force some things to happen. Maybe.

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