Confidence Givers: Why the Lakers Losing Streak May Come Back To Bite Them In the Butt

The Lakers have given a lot of confidence to a lot of people. The wrong people in fact. The Los Angeles Lakers have given confidence to their opponents. Some of whom they may very well run into in the playoffs. The five game spill that the Lakers have taken recently include such western conference foes and possible playoff opponents as the Portland Trailblazers, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Denver Nuggets. Two of those games were games that LA actually dropped in their own house.

The last time the Lakers lost five in a row it was March 2007. Pau Gasol was not even a Laker yet. I could go on a tangent about how long ago that was but all you really need to know is that was an extremely long time ago. I’m not saying that this means that the Lakers can’t win another title. That’s not what I’m saying at all. However with every loss that the Lakers allowed to be added to that streak they added one more team that now knows that they can beat LA.

For example the Oklahoma City Thunder had not won in Los Angeles in eleven attempts. However the Lakers mental errors late in the game allowed for an OKC victory and while this may not doom the Lakers championship hopes, it does however let the Thunder know that they can now win in LA. In addition the Thunder gaining confidence, the new look Nuggets have also won in LA recently and now they believe they can bet the Lakers in their house.

Like I said before I’m not saying that the Lakers are doomed. In fact Laker fans should probably not push the panic button until the first game off the playoffs. But what I am saying is that the Lakers are giving teams unnecessary confidence. They were sleep walking through the season because they were bored and complacent and now they’re paying for it. And if any of these teams should so happen to get confidence and beat them in the playoffs, the Lakers ought to know that they did this to themselves.

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