Previously in Baseball . . .

Due to the fact that I don’t get to watch nearly as much baseball as I would like. I usually try to get in as many games as I can watch no matter what. But sometimes it’s really hard for me to recap. So what I’ll do is recap baseball on a weekly basis. It is a 162 game season after all. I could just ignore baseball entirely but I do love baseball so this was the solution.

Let’s start with :

Who’s Hot?!


Pitcher, Chris Narveson-Milwaukee Brewers

Narveson has good stuff. Really good stuff. As of this post he has an ERA of 0.00. The movement of his pitches are amazing. He has such control of the ball and is extremely accurate. I’m going to keep my eye on this guy because he is extremely fun to watch. I am a fan of pitchers so seeing a guy with this much control in each pitch is to say the least, exciting. Maybe the year of the pitcher hasn’t ended yet.



Catcher, Miguel Montero-Arizona Diamondbacks

Miguel has the highest batting average in the league, he’s currently hitting .500 on 26 at bats, and he’s an extremely aware player. When the Diamondbacks played the Reds on the 8th there was a wild pitch that Montero scored off of using his speed and awareness. From what I’ve seen he doesn’t really hit power but, he is a consistent hitter and bats in runs often enough. Montero has 4 RBIs on the season. I like this guy.







Quite a few teams started quick out of the gate. The Royals, the White Sox, and even the Orioles. However I feel that this would be disingenuous. I’ll just mention a couple of the hottest teams that I have actually gotten the opportunity to see.






Cleveland Indians- Cleveland has started the season off nicely they’re 7-2 and atop the AL Central. They’ve been hitting the ball extremely well. This is due in part to the return of  DH Travis Hafner to full health. Now that Travis has his swing back Cleveland has one more weapon to add to their offense.



Texas Rangers-The current leaders of the AL West have started the season 8-1. While the Rangers have good pitching they’ve won a lot of games based on the strength of their bats. This isn’t to say that they can’t pitch. That rotation I think is one of the most prolific in the league even though Cliff Lee is a member of the Phillies now.


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