Worst Wednesday #1

I’m going to start doing ‘Worst Wednesday’ every week. It will be exactly what it sounds like. A look at the worst of the past week in sports. From the field there should eventually be a Worst Week King or a biggest loser if you’d like.

Here are the candidates for the first weekly Worst Wednesday:

Butler’s shooting in the National Championship game. I don’t care how good the defense was or how much bigger UConn was than Butler 18.8% from the field is bad. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

The Boston Redsox  are in trouble. The season just began and they are winless. They got run by the Texas Rangers and then beaten by the Cleveland Indians to start the following series. They now trail the Indians at the top of the ninth inning as of the writing of this post.

Astros closer Brandon Lyon blew a save on opening day in the worst possible way. The man practically crapped himself right there on the pitcher’s mound. The Astros were up 4-0 going into the 9th and then the Phillies led by Ryan Howard stormed right back and won the game 5-4.

If there any other suggestions for Worst Wednesday nominees send them to me @sportscloud on twitter or thesportscloud@gmail.com.

I’ll announce the winner errr . . . loser, later tonight.

Update: After losing to the Indians for a second straight day. The Boston Redsox take away the first ever Worst Wednesday award.


2 thoughts on “Worst Wednesday #1

  1. Boston finally got a win today against the hated Yankees. They had a nightmare week but should be fine going foward barring key injuries.

    • Sports Cloud says:

      Though Boston played bad enough to earn themselves a Worst Wednesday award I think that team is too good to not turn the ship around. I wouldn’t panic either but that was certainly not the start that anyone expected nor was it they start the Redsox wanted. Also Carl Crawford could use a boost.

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