NBA Game Night 4-5-11: The Smorgasbord

They NBA may have been afraid to go up against last nights college basketball National Championship game because there were no games last night. So to make up for it tonight we get thirteen games. Do to the fact that there are some games here that you can throw away I’ll try to clue you in as to what games you should be keeping an eye on. Tonight is NBA fan night on NBA TV. It is a double-header which involves one of the aforementioned throw away games between the Charlotte Bobcats and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The second half of that double-header involves the Utah Jazz the Lakers in Los Angeles.

I have four games I’m going to keep my eyes on.

1. The San Antonio Spurs @ the Atlanta Hawks 7:00pm ET

This game is important because with a loss tonight and a Lakers victory Los Angeles could come that much closer to stealing the number one seed. While the Spurs will be the first people to tell you that having that number one seed doesn’t matter, I think it will affect the team psychologically. Just being ahead by that many games and losing it all going into the playoffs doesn’t exactly work as a confidence booster. San Antonio is a beatable team and when Atlanta brings their A+ game they can beat almost anybody in the league.

2. The Philadelphia 76ers @ the Boston Celtics 7:30pm ET

Doug Collins has his team playing with confidence and they’ll need it as they go into Boston. Boston is going to be hungry for a win as they’re in something of a tailspin. They are 5-5 in their last 10 games. The 76ers can exploit Boston’s lack of size with the injuries the Celtics have sustained to Kristic and both Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal. The 76ers hope to hold onto the sixth spot they have in the eastern conference while Boston looks to hold on to their third seed.




3. The Oklahoma City Thunder @ the Denver Nuggets 9:00pm ET

I’m pretty interested in the effect that this game may have on the western conference. The Dallas Mavericks have decided to sit Jason Kidd for the rest of the season. This means that the Thunder who currently are the fourth seed in the west and may possibly be the third seed if they can catch the Mavs. Denver has been playing well since the Carmelo trade. They have a very focused team oriented game. Which is just what their head coach George Karl wants. He has two very capable guards in Ty Lawson and Raymond Felton and Danilo Galinari is playing extremely well. OKC is tough but Denver is no push-over and their confidence is at an all time high after doing the Lakers in their own house.

4. The Utah Jazz @ the Los Angeles Lakers 10:30pm ET

The Lakers look to bounce back after their loss to the Nuggets on Sunday at home. This is a matchup that favors LA due to the fact that they have beaten Utah 18 straight time when they play at home. It is very unlikely that Utah will make the playoffs but that doesn’t mean that they can’t upset the Lakers. It depends on wether or not Pau Gasol plays. He will be a game-time decision.

These are my top four must-see games for tonight. So check them out if you can get them.


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