Butler v. UConn Halftime wrap-up

Just a quick halftime wrap up. I wanted to do a preview of the game but I had a bit of trouble getting to my computer.

What UConn is doing better is . . .

Playing much better in the post. They are after all the bigger team. They are currently out-rebounding Butler by 8 rebounds 26 to 18. They’re shooting much better from the field.

What Butler is doing better is . . .

Making less mistakes. They only have three turnovers as compared to UConn’s seven. They have also attempted three-pointers which is why they are leading right now despite their only shooting 22.2% from the field.

How UConn can win.

UConn can win by turning the ball over less. They also need to prevent Shelvin Mack from gaining momentum. Another thing that UConn can do to win is get Kemba Walker going he is shooting 3-11 from the field. In short. Keep playing defense but cut down on the mistakes.

How Butler can win.

Butler is playing incredible defense. They’re rotations are great and they are harassing Kemba. Just like UConn they could also stand to shoot better from the field. They need to keep doing this. This ugly game is the kind of game that Butler plays well. This sort of up and down defensive blood bath actually suits them.

Post game wrap-up to come.


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