The Roller Coaster Golfer

Tiger Woods is off right now. It doesn’t take an expert see that. But why? Is it his swing? That may be part of it but I don’t think so. Tiger still has power. The man can definitely drive the ball places. As far as his accuracy Tiger has never been accurate driving the ball. That isn’t anything new.

I know I can’t speak to Tiger’s mental fortitude. I’ve never met the guy. However there was a time when we all knew Tiger as the game’s ultimate closer. When Sunday came around if Tiger was even in sniffing distance of the lead 9 times out of 10 we knew that was Tiger’s match. If Tiger had the lead going into Sunday nobody was getting it back either. The man just knew how to handle his business. They say that in golf your opponent is the course itself but, he was the one guy that was in everybody’s head. So if the question is what’s wrong with Tiger what better place to start looking than at his past performances on Sunday.

The thing about Tiger isn’t that he’s playing terribly because he’s not. He’s simply not playing up to our standard of him. He’s not playing the best golfer currently in the game. Looking at Tiger’s 4th round finishes over the past year something becomes pretty obvious. Tiger doesn’t do as well on Sunday as on any of the previous three rounds. The oddity is that when he does play well on Sunday, his Thursday, Friday, and Saturday look . . . not good. Let’s just say that. So the real question is can Tiger play under pressure? Is that still an ability of his? Because I’ll tell you one thing nobody is afraid Tiger Woods anymore. This means that he’ll have to perform under pressure. Something that he hasn’t done very much of lately.

I’m biased. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m a Tiger Woods fan and apologist. So don’t be surprised when I say that I believe Tiger Woods can win the Masters. Tiger has been playing with increasing confidence in these last few tournaments. I wouldn’t be surprised if he won it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he bombed either. That’s the new Tiger, no consistency. Winning the Masters would go a long way to returning Woods to his former glory.


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