Cavaliers Owner Needs to Grow Up

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is a giant infant. An infant that it #384 on the list of the top 400 richest Americans according to Forbes magazine. He owns Quicken Loans finance and his net worth is $900 million but, he is an infant nonetheless. We blast Lebron James for the immaturity of “The Decision” and its ensuing firestorm and for tweeting that “Karma is a b*tch” when the Cavs got routed by the Lakers 112-57 in their own house on January 11th earlier in the season. That is immature but what Dan Gilbert has done since the decision hasn’t been any better.

One day after the decision, Gilbert wrote a frenzied typo-ridden letter to Cavaliers fans. Apart from the atrocity of writing the entire thing in comic sans, Gilbert promised that Cleveland would win a championship without Lebron and before Lebron referring to Lebron as “the so-called self titled King.” People talked about this action but no one made a big stink about it. It wasn’t huge deal after all but, little did we know is that if Cleveland ever beat Miami this season good ‘ol Dan would strike again.

The reports basically say that Lebron came over to Quicken Loans arena separate from the rest of his team, the Miami Heat. He was in his own vehicle with some friends and he had some trouble getting into the parking garage. They simply would not let him in (for reasons that were never fully explained to me). After Miami forgets to show up and allows the worst offensive team in the league shoot 58% from the field on them (which is a rant in and of itself) Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert had a twitter blast of his own. “Not in our garage!!” it read. I mentioned previously Lebron and what he had to say on twitter earlier in the season. Twitter can get a lot of guys into trouble and is to be used responsibly. Dan Gilbert is not responsible. Dan Gilbert is a grown man. He is 43 years old and four kids. Grow up Dan. You just have to. There is no reason to behave like that no matter how betrayed you feel.

I don’t think that the NBA needs to police things like this but clearly David Stern needs to have a talk with Mr. Gilbert and a few other NBA owners about how to behave. If you demand maturity from the players you have to demand it from everyone.


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